Saturday, June 2, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 42

THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE'S COMMENTS ^__^! This is the end of chapter 2, which is (by far) the longest chapter in the entire series. The other ones will be WAY shorter (you'll be uber shocked ^^!)

“Lookie itsa cookie!”
Zach looked up, his sleep having been successfully disturbed by a moron pushing a little bag of gourmet cookies in his face. His dry lips were just starting to mouth a complaint when the moron perkily continued.
“It’s a cookie-gram! For you. From an admirer!”
Zach wordlessly took the cookies, remembering that he was in literature class, and he had fallen asleep. The moron proceeded to do the “Cookie Dance” out the door, as the deliverers of these stupid things had to do. Everyone in the class was staring at him. Finally, someone yelled,”Zach! Who’s is from?!”
Zach ignored him, looking at the neat package of cookies and the white, perfectly folded card attached to it, with the name ZACH perfectly spaced out. He didn’t have to guess who it was from. The note simply read,”Let’s have milk after school.”
Zach shook his head and thought,”It’s a sick game you’re playing with me, Gentry. You can’t turn me on whenever you want.”
The moment the bell rang, he threw the present away.

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Lol!!!!! Let's have some funny!
that was funniie!