Monday, August 27, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 4

Gentry came out of the shower, wet, disheveled, and hard to ignore. Carly’s dark eyes stole a look at Gentry’s exposed skin, taking in the marble-like firmness and color of his body. But when he raised a hand to touch it, one searing look prompted him to put it down. Carly crossed his arms impatiently, as if he were stuck in an invisible straight jacket.
“You know what, you’re swimming faster but not better. Your strokes don’t have the form they used to. They’re rushed, and you aren’t breathing right. You seem distracted. If something’s fucking with you, you better tell me.”
“Contrary to your beliefs, Carly, we are not and never have been friends. Don’t pretend we are, because we both know damn well why we aren’t. I don’t even know why you come back here, you sick fuck.”
“You’ve got the answer to that, Gentry. I used to be normal. You did, too. I liked you so much… now, I’m not sure. I hang here because we share a bond that’s uncomfortably close.”
Gentry stopped suddenly, and turned to Carly with an unreadable expression, “Don’t.”
“---I’m not sure what you are, Gentry. But I know what you’ve done.”
Carly’s black eyes glinted, “Why should I stop? Your dad didn’t. Your dad taught me how to purr.”
“Don’t get into this, Carly---”
“---Taught me to spread my legs and take it in the ass.”
Gentry looked away, his hands shaking as he prepared his clothes. His voice was soft as he said, “Grow up, Carly. It’s over.”
“I cried, remember that? Where were you, Gentry? You were in the other room. You heard everything but you didn’t do a damn thing, did you? Didn’t even call the police. You know why I’m here? Because I can’t go anywhere else. I can’t do anything else. Everywhere I go I can’t fit in--- I’m malformed, somehow wrong. But we share that, Gentry. We share a secret.”
Gentry didn’t say anything, quietly pulling on his clothes. Carly held a tense silence, and only gradually did his tight features soften, “Are you just going to ignore me, is that it?”
Gentry pulled up and zipped his pants. Then he slowly reached for a shirt.
“Still have those bruises, eh Gentry? You should try to hide them.”
“What now?”
“If we share a secret, why do you threaten me with that picture? Zach doesn’t need to see it. We both know it will only complicate things.”
“Your dad is the one who complicated things--- I’m not a man anymore. But when I was on the swim team, I came close. For a short amount of time, I was a man again and I commanded respect. On a team, everyone needs everyone. That’s what keeps a team alive. Zach doesn’t need any one; people like him destroy teams. This team is still mine, even if I’m not the official head. It’s a part of me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.”

Friday, August 24, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 3

This is the first of a 2-part scene. If you've been wondering about Gentry, the next post might answer a question you have. ^_^

Gentry more than got used to it. He became consumed by it. Everyday he cut through the water like a knife through cream, swam until the water filled every pore of his skin, tirelessly pushing it aside for more speed, for longer distance, for shorter times. When he pulled himself out of the, Carly’s voice rang in his ears.
“You just beat your old record. I knew you were fast, Gentry--- I didn’t know it was possible to get this much faster in such a short amount of time.”
Gentry brushed him off, his chest heaving as he sluggishly reached for his towel and rubbed his hair dry.
“When do you go back to college, Carly?”
“After the season’s up. I have plenty of time.”
Gentry folded the towel and threw it on a pool chair, “Well, stop hanging around my house.”
He turned to head back to the screen door of his mansion, and Carly followed, “I don’t like this attitude from now. Don’t forget, I made you leader of the swim team---”
“High school’s over. Grow up already.”
The screendoor slammed in his face, and Carly opened it with an annoyed glance in his only friend's direction.
“I’m not letting you go, Gentry, and you know why.”
The shower squeaked on and Carly took a seat in Gentry’s room, on the pure white armchair. Spotless, starched, and stiff, just like the rest of the room. No posters, no childhood toys, no signs of life. It reminded him of a model house: carefully spaced and arranged just to look passably human, but with no defining characteristics. By now he thought he would be used to it, as well as the sinister reasoning behind the spotless walls. But whenever he returned, he remembered why he didn’t want to be here. So he looked away from the whiteness, leaning towards the bathroom and eying Gentry’s barely-there outline behind the shower curtain.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 2

Blue-lipped and shivering, Zach glanced at the mirror. This was not good… he was in terrible shape. A mechanical glint flickered in his eye, as he calculated how many hours of practice he needed to train… Eight hours a day. Where was he going to find those? He supposed he could wake up one hour early and ditch sixth period to train after school…
His train of thought crashed to a halt when the towel around his waist was suddenly yanked off. Scrambling to cover his naked body, Zach looked up to glare at the smirking redhead who held the towel in one of his arched hands.
“Give it back, Gentry.”
“I like you better without it.”
Zach sighed and held out his hand, “Give it.”
Gentry sighed and tossed it back to him, “You did good job today, Zach. You’re a good swimmer, no one doubts it. I just had more practice.”
Zach gave him a disinterested look, then started to prepare his clothes, “You’re the last person to give anyone good sportsmanship.”
He pulled on a t-shirt, then reached for his sweater and pulled that over his head.
“In fact, Gentry, you can save it and stuff it up your ass--- because I don’t need it. I had plenty of practice in Estonia, and I’m a damn good swimmer. In fact, I’m so good you had to cheat me out of my position. But I will beat you, Gentry, because I deserve that spot on the Senior team.”
That was like Zach. Blunt, and to the point. No room for error, just crude facts. What could he answer to that? The redhead thought for a moment, turning around to give Zach his privacy--- but sneaking a peek anyway.
“Who cares if you deserve it?” Gentry asked, leaning his side against the sink, “Why do you want it?”
“I want it because I deserve it.”
“You deserve to be on a team that doesn’t want you?”
“It will look good on my resume.” Zach pulled on a second shirt, “But I don’t have to explain anything to you, because you’re not my god. In fact, you’re just in my way.”
He tossed the towel into his bag and pulled on his pants, then pulled one final t-shirt over his frame.
“So, bye.”
But just as Zach moved to leave, Gentry cornered him, “If you don’t like a team, you shouldn’t be with them.”
“You’re one to talk.” Zach shoved him, “I know what I want, so stop messing with my head.”
“Ok. I’d rather mess with you in other ways.” The redhead pulled him close, smiling inwardly as he heard the younger boy take a shaky breath. Zach opened his mouth to speak, but Gentry put a finger to it, then cupped his jaw and leaned into a kiss. He wondered if Zach felt it too… felt the knot in his stomach tighten as a tense nervousness took hold. He testily slipped his tongue into the other boy’s mouth, tasting his salt and smelling his fear… his hesitation.
Zach curled his hand into a dark fist and turned away, breaking the kiss, “Stop messing with me. I already gave up trying to like you, don’t make me hate you.” His voice was low, a growl coming from the back of his throat.
“So you have levels for this, Zach? Like a gauge?” Gentry kissed him again, burying his colorless fingers in Zach’s thick, dark hair,“It’s not that simple. You don’t have to like me to like this. And you like this, right?”
He licked licked over the tender flesh of Zach’s neck, catching a drop of cold water as it traced a slick path over the quivering flesh.
“No.” Zach murmured, as he firmly pushed Gentry away, “we can’t just fuck and forget everything else.”
“Why not?” Gentry’s dark eyes regarded Zach’s face searchingly, and he added, “I’m not
trying to bribe you with this, if that’s what’s eating you.”
“You don’t have to try. It comes naturally.” Zach thought to himself. He narrowed his eyes, cocked his head and gave Gentry a firm look,
“We’re rivals now.” He said, “Get used to it.”

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 1

Gentry stormed into swim practice the next day, brushing past the other members who murmured about some sort of competition.
“They say Zach challenged Gentry for a spot on the team.”
“Seriously? ZACH?”
“Haha yeah I heard it from Kylie. I heard it’s scheduled for as early as next month.”
“That’s ridiculous. There’s never been a sophomore on the Senior swim team.”
“I know. He’s definitely going to lose. Is he crazy?”
The moment Zach appeared the crowd fell silent. When he passed and moved to the edge of the pool to stand beside Gentry, they stared at the two with restless eyes. Gentry crouched down like a runner before a race, and Zach quickly did the same.
“We’ll do this again in one month, right?” Gentry smirked.
“One month.” Zach nodded, only to be splashed in the face when Gentry leapt into the pool. Zach clenched his teeth then dived in after him, starting to kick and hit at the water. The sharp scent of chlorine stung his nostrils as water seemed to force its way into every pore of his body, weighing him down, pushing him back. Gentry always seemed to be one, two, three lanes ahead of him. He easily moved from freestyle to backstroke, butterfly to breaststroke, moving through the water like a bullet through the air. Liquid, molten anger coursed through Zach’s veins, his limbs hitting at the water with all his might just to keep up. He choked on the water as he turned and moved in for another lap… just a hundred more to go. There was a primal, tribal beat echoing through his mind, timing every stroke and desperate breath. Pushing him to be better, to be faster---
Then he hit the wall.
Gentry pulled his dripping body from the water and panted, “I win.”