Friday, August 24, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 3

This is the first of a 2-part scene. If you've been wondering about Gentry, the next post might answer a question you have. ^_^

Gentry more than got used to it. He became consumed by it. Everyday he cut through the water like a knife through cream, swam until the water filled every pore of his skin, tirelessly pushing it aside for more speed, for longer distance, for shorter times. When he pulled himself out of the, Carly’s voice rang in his ears.
“You just beat your old record. I knew you were fast, Gentry--- I didn’t know it was possible to get this much faster in such a short amount of time.”
Gentry brushed him off, his chest heaving as he sluggishly reached for his towel and rubbed his hair dry.
“When do you go back to college, Carly?”
“After the season’s up. I have plenty of time.”
Gentry folded the towel and threw it on a pool chair, “Well, stop hanging around my house.”
He turned to head back to the screen door of his mansion, and Carly followed, “I don’t like this attitude from now. Don’t forget, I made you leader of the swim team---”
“High school’s over. Grow up already.”
The screendoor slammed in his face, and Carly opened it with an annoyed glance in his only friend's direction.
“I’m not letting you go, Gentry, and you know why.”
The shower squeaked on and Carly took a seat in Gentry’s room, on the pure white armchair. Spotless, starched, and stiff, just like the rest of the room. No posters, no childhood toys, no signs of life. It reminded him of a model house: carefully spaced and arranged just to look passably human, but with no defining characteristics. By now he thought he would be used to it, as well as the sinister reasoning behind the spotless walls. But whenever he returned, he remembered why he didn’t want to be here. So he looked away from the whiteness, leaning towards the bathroom and eying Gentry’s barely-there outline behind the shower curtain.

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