Friday, August 17, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 1

Gentry stormed into swim practice the next day, brushing past the other members who murmured about some sort of competition.
“They say Zach challenged Gentry for a spot on the team.”
“Seriously? ZACH?”
“Haha yeah I heard it from Kylie. I heard it’s scheduled for as early as next month.”
“That’s ridiculous. There’s never been a sophomore on the Senior swim team.”
“I know. He’s definitely going to lose. Is he crazy?”
The moment Zach appeared the crowd fell silent. When he passed and moved to the edge of the pool to stand beside Gentry, they stared at the two with restless eyes. Gentry crouched down like a runner before a race, and Zach quickly did the same.
“We’ll do this again in one month, right?” Gentry smirked.
“One month.” Zach nodded, only to be splashed in the face when Gentry leapt into the pool. Zach clenched his teeth then dived in after him, starting to kick and hit at the water. The sharp scent of chlorine stung his nostrils as water seemed to force its way into every pore of his body, weighing him down, pushing him back. Gentry always seemed to be one, two, three lanes ahead of him. He easily moved from freestyle to backstroke, butterfly to breaststroke, moving through the water like a bullet through the air. Liquid, molten anger coursed through Zach’s veins, his limbs hitting at the water with all his might just to keep up. He choked on the water as he turned and moved in for another lap… just a hundred more to go. There was a primal, tribal beat echoing through his mind, timing every stroke and desperate breath. Pushing him to be better, to be faster---
Then he hit the wall.
Gentry pulled his dripping body from the water and panted, “I win.”

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