Thursday, July 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 4: Part 5

Read until the end or you'll miss something important ^_~!

The car pool gate slammed shut behind Carly. Gentry mutely walked beside him, the twilight fading to dusk and casting new shadows on his face.
“It must be an old rule.” Carly broke the silence, “What is it with that guy? Why does he want to be on the Senior Swim team so bad? No one freaking wants him. He’s so arrogant, and his form needs a LOT of work. He keeps crashing into the wall! You know what? We need to change the rules to keep people like that from joining the senior swim team---”
“I don’t care.” Gentry finally replied.
“But I do. The Senior Swim Team needs to stay Senior. If we let one sophomore in, more will follow.” Carly stopped at his red sports car.
Gentry rolled with eyes in annoyance as Carly rambled on.
“Whatever is going on between you guys, you have to win.” he paused, “But you have to win fairly, because even a hint of cheating will undermine morale.”
“Oh,” Gentry gazed at him with a barely hidden smirk, “so now you’re talking about fairness?”
“I don’t like underclassmen,” admitted Carly, “Seniority goes before skill, otherwise there’s too much competition in the lower grades. That competition wouldn’t only ruin freshman year, but it’d also force Seniors to compete against more people. Freshmen shouldn’t have to compete at a senior level, and seniors shouldn’t have to compete against freshmen. A sophomore on the team will ruin the class structure and undermine Senior authority.”
Gentry laughed, “You should hear yourself.”
“I’m serious, Gentry.”
“The difference between freshman and senior is only four years.”
“Don’t you respect any authority?”
Gentry gave a sneaky little smile.
“It will be a fair match, Carly, because we both know Zach doesn’t stand a chance. Besides, I’m too proud to lose for any other reason than luck.”
Carly smirked, “You really are something, Gentry. I don’t believe in your pride, because your pride lies in shitting on everyone and everything for your own gain. That’s the one sport you naturally excel at: BSing.” He lowered his voice, “But you won’t BS me. I still have that photo of you. And, ah, if you lose, I will give it to Zach.”
Gentry averted his eyes as Carly climbed into his car and started the engine.


Anonymous said...

Ooh Carly. Now that's a bit of a surprise. Ooh I wanna see the photo. :P Anyway, as usual keep it up, you've still got me reading like clockwork.

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well written, affectionate, and interesting blog.
I thought about including a link to your site on my blog.

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