Sunday, July 1, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 4: Part 1

I just want to thank everyone for the feedback ^_^! You are the only reason I continue this story at all.

Zach was not mad. He was furious.
The weeks that followed the incident were hellish. There was speculation over whether Carly fell into the water, whether Gentry pushed him, or whether Zach pulled him. Regardless, the facts stood. Zach had accused the honored Senior Swim team not only of cheating him a well-earned spot, but cheating the underclassmen as well. He had spoken an ugly and previously unspoken truth, and the results were disastrous.
The Senior Swim team threatened to beat him up once they had the chance. In response, Zach avoided them at every turn. Zach was many things, but maschochist wasn’t one of them. He spent his lunch hours in the GSA room, but did not pay attention to the table’s conversation.
“I could fight the team off,” he reasoned mentally, “But then Miss Nasty will suspend me and say I should have reported them earlier. But if report them she won’t do shit about them because she hates me and Gentry’s parents are influential.” He paused, “So it’s a lose-lose situation. But why do they need so many people just to attack one person?”
He wished he could take a gun and shoot them. One by one, wave it in their faces and let them be afraid for once. He wished he could run into the locker rooms and kill them all.
But, he reasoned, that wouldn’t solve anything either. His chance would come, though, and when it came it would be Carly’s turn to eat shit.
The lunch bell rang and Zach robotically headed toward his class, still entrenched in thought. His focus shifted onto Gentry.
“Carly was always an asshole. But, Gentry was supposed to be better.” Zach thought, “But he isn’t.”
But those were only facts. The one thing that still weighed on Zach’s mind was why Gentry did what he did. Was loyalty to Carly more important than a---
The cry sounded, and Zach gritted his teeth. A crumpled wet paper hit his shoulder.
Finally, his dark blue eyes looked up to see the bullies’ faces, only to see they were lost in the crowd. With a sigh, Zach pulled the hood over his head.
“What’s wrong, got cum in your mouth, cocksucker?”
This time, Zach didn’t even raise his head. The last few weeks had been hellish.
It started with the rumor that he looked over boys in the locker rooms, and that he asked them for sex. Students started returning his greetings with cold glares, while others pretended they didn’t see him. The most damaging was that in all his classes, students refused to work with him. He had once asked every person in all his classes (save for Gentry) if he could be in their group, only to be ignored or get a rude “no” in reply. Even those who were assigned slithered away when the teacher wasn’t looking. Zach was at a point where he didn’t even try to look for a group. He just automatically started projects on his own. Gays weren’t all hated in the school. As long as they were best friends with a hot girl, the boys would behave. But if you were alone, there was no reason to be kind.

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Oh man, that sucks for Zach. I hope things they'll get better :(