Friday, July 6, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 4: Part 2

The tiled locker room floor tingled under his hands, burning as his body was pushed forward. The shower head was aimed at his face.
“Say it!”
“No.” Zach choked out.
A heady burst of cold water hitting his eyes.
He never got the names of the Senior swim team straight, but he knew they were a pack to be avoided. He wanted to win against Gentry, but wasn’t sure he wanted the ‘prize.’
Zach grunted as his hair was pulled back, and a voice that sounded like Mike’s taunted him, “Say it!”
He shivered as he was kicked where it hurt most.
“Say it faggot! Say you’re a disgusting faggot.”
Zach recognized Sydney’s legs in front of his face. The senior’s foot nudged his cheek, “Come on, fag, say it.”
“I am …” Zach’s blue eyes were fixed on the floor, “I’m a disgusting faggot.”
Laughter rang through the shower room, and his hair was pulled back again, jerked back roughly.
“Why should we believe you, huh?”
“Oh, man,” a hyena-like laughing, “Make him say he wants to give Sydney head every night.”
“Say it!” barked a voice that sounded like Mike’s, “Come on faggot!”
Zach remained stubbornly silent, and received a swift kick for it.
“Say it faggot! Come on!”
“I w-will give… I’ll give… I’ll give…”
“Oh my God, man, he’s such a fag!” snickered one of the boys. Now Zach was unable to tell which was which. His head spun and his breath came in frightened gasps.
The water was turned off and a rough hand slapped Zach’s face, “Come on, you fairy, say it!”
“I’ll give him head every night.” the tears stung his eyes.
“Faggot!” Mike screeched, “Hey, Sydney, what are you doing? You’re actually going to let him do that?”
“No?” Sydney made a face as he pulled down his pants, “That’s disgusting.”
The foul odor of piss filled the air.


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This can't be happening! Post more soon! Where's Zach's knight in shining armour???