Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 9

Just as a note, Mike and Mikey aren't the same person. Mikey has green eyes, brown hair, and is on the GSA while Mike is on the Swim Team and trying to get into Kylie's panties. ~Roxy

Mikey lazily glanced up from the mattress, passively surveying Zach’s room. The warm air hung over the room like a heavy blanket, stuffy and warm as the too-soft bedding. The rain outside aggressively knocked on the windowpane, and Mikey responded by laying his head down on the foot of the King-sized mattress.
He closed his eyes, then opened one bright green orb to give the room another look-over. Hm. What kind of parents bought their kid a king sized bed? Or let them have a large-screen TV mounted on the wall? Even the sheets were designer! Sheets a teenage boy sweat, tossed about in and soiled--- designer! This was definitely a very nice place... and
yet, everything was so messy! Mikey didn’t know how one person could make so much mess. But what else could you expect from a boy who kept a pet pig?
“Don’t you have a maid?”
“Hm.” He flopped onto his back, “What are you doing on the computer that’s so damn interesting?”
“Replying to some idiot who’s convinced people with baggy pants promote gangs.”
“You can’t always assume people who don’t agree with you are idiots.”
“This guy is.”
Mikey heaved himself off the bed, and slogged his feet across the floor. He planted a kiss on the corner of Zach’s lips, “Your parents aren’t going to be back for another hour, right?”
“Good, because I’m bored,” he murmured, snaking a hand over Zach’s shoulder and nibbling on his earlobe.
Zach pulled away, “Hold on. Let me post this.”
“Mmm,” Mikey cupped his face, “Give it a rest.”
“But it’s wrong to judge people. Someone has to do something.”
Mikey started to kiss and suck on Zach’s lower lip, sliding his thumb over Zach’s cheek and his tongue between his lips.
“So, we have one hour, hmm?”
Zach exhaled, “Yeah.”
Mikey gave him a devious little grin and pulled away, sauntering to the bed.
“Come on,” he called, unbuckling his belt while watching him from the corner of his eye, “get your spoiled ass over here.”
He gingerly stripped off his shirt and tossed it at Zach, who caught it in one hand without turning around.
“I am not spoiled.”
“Believe me, Zach. You’re spoiled.” He bent over and clicked on the slick, wall-mounted black stereo. To his surprise, a seductively swaying Bollywood melody boomed out the speakers.
“I never thought you’d listen to this stuff.”
“Why? You think I listen to Estonian folk music in my spare time?”
“Of course not. You know, I was part of the Indian Dancing club sophomore year,” he started to sway his hips, undoing his pants.
Zach shook his head and rolled his eyes, only to have a pair of pants hit the corner of his face.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 8

The locker was foggy; hot air as dense as a thundering storm-cloud. The showers sprayed against the blue tile floor, running water down Zach’s back and legs. He kept his arms crossed, more than aware that Gentry was beside him. The team was loud today, hitting each other with towels outside the showers or gregariously chatting past the awkwardness that came with exposing yourself to fifteen other equally naked guys. But inside the showers, it was quiet save for the echoes of the teammates.
Zach had noticed that whenever he came into the showers, the other boys squeaked their faucets off and promptly left. But not Gentry.
He always stayed.
Maybe he quietly reveled in that his cum had slicked these floors before, that he’d let the team faggot suck him off here more than once; over these very tiles.
Maybe it was a quiet longing for it, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe he didn’t know.
But the fact remained that here he was, burdening Zach’s thoughts with quiet envy how anyone who knew could stay on these tiles without the slightest sign of guilt, shame, or amusement. How he could still stand straight and proper, with his feet sturdily planted to the ground like some gold statue?
“People aren’t dumb.” Zach murmured under his breath, wanting very much to knock that statue off its pedestal. “You drop hints. You blew me in the pool and didn’t care then what anyone thought. And now you’re throwing a fit that I stated the obvious.”
The silence that came in response was only too typical. Zach gave a disgruntled sigh; he hadn’t expected Gentry to acknowledge anything in the first place.
But just when he turned off the shower, before he reached for his white towel, Gentry quickly uttered,
“I don’t regularly fuck faggots in pools.”
Just as quickly as it had been shot, Gentry reverted back to a rocky silence, staring straight through the underclassman.
Yet Zach was not deterred. He knew he’d set something in motion, nudged that statue closer to the edge of its too-high base. He smugly turned his shower back on to drown out their conversation,
“Why did you do it at all? It’s risky and stupid.”
“Why are you asking me? I don’t know.” Gentry gave a small shrug, “Boredom? Being bored? I don’t know. I wasn’t bored before meeting you.”
“You did it because you were bored? What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I don’t know.”
Gentry turned off the shower and snaked his hand in Zach’s, leaning close to him.
“Do you?”
Zach leered at him with sickened awe, then gave him a futile shove.
“I have a boyfriend.”
And despite this profound statement, his body smoldered when Gentry leaned in close to him. His heart was racing, throbbing so hard he swore the locker room could hear it. He closed his eyes, but no lips brushed against his.
“You do.” Gentry gave a slow nod.
He motioned to the bulge in Zach’s swimshorts, “Might want to call him about that.”

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 7

“11:23. That’s your worst time all year.”
Gentry said to Zach’s back, clicking off the stop watch, “If that’s the best you’ve got, then it’s not good enough.”
Zach ignored him, pulling out of the water and trudging back to the locker room with the rest of the team. Gentry didn’t concern him until one pale white hand roughly yanked him back, reddened fingers pressing into his arm, “Coming from you, this is crap.”
“It’s good enough,” Zach said curtly, roughly jerking away his arm, “I don’t owe this team anything. It’s all for one and one for all, right? Well, for so liberally ripping down my posters, you can all suck my balls.”
“Quit being so melodramatic. What did you think was going to happen? You’re embarrassing the team. There wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t act like such a faggot.”
“I am a faggot. A faggot who’s a damn good swimmer.”
The last swimmer slammed the locker room door behind him, leaving them alone. These days, Zach’s rebellious streak had lost its novelty and become a routine, if not annoying, sight.
“You can’t be both. Get that through your thick skull. If you can’t fit in, get out.”
“I’m not going anywhere---”
“There was a meeting today for Nationals. Everyone was there except you. Where the hell were you?”
“Where do you think? Hanging up the posters you and the other Mongoloids tore down yesterday. Put that down for team spirit!”
Zach elbowed him aside.
“Get the fuck out of my way.”
Gentry moved aside, seeing as there was no use arguing with a charging bull.
“You have to decide what team you’re on, Senior Swim or the GSA.”
“I’m not deciding shit, I’m both. You’re a weak leader for not being able to stand up for freedom of speech. And now you want me to choose? Hah! Make me!”
The last syllable was gurgled as water flooded his mouth and nose. He wasn’t surprised to feel his hand gripped around Gentry’s familiar bony wrist. Push me I pull you.
But the struggle was brief, as Gentry gained the upper hand by restraining Zach’s. He shoved him against the blue tile wall and cupped his mouth,
“Shut up and listen. I don’t like this team, but I represent it. And because of that, we’re good--- so good that you fought Carly to be here. You want to know why he didn’t want you? Not because you aren’t a good swimmer--- no, Zach, you’re a damn good swimmer--- But because he knew your type. People like you can’t follow orders or compromise. You destroy teams. But I’m not going to let you do that, not when it’s MY team. We are going to do everything to win Nationals, because nothing matters. If your gay ass can’t handle it, quit.”
Zach shoved him off, but Gentry quickly shoved him to the wall again.
“And if I catch you telling anyone else about what we had, I’ll beat you so hard you won’t remember it.”

Monday, January 21, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 6

“This is unacceptable!” raved Casey, the words stretching his face into a wide-eyed grimace. Mikey took a deep breath and glanced at Felix, who wondered whether stepping on the posters was ok, since the wind had scattered them to the point where this was unavoidable.
When Casey caught his breath, he sputtered with bulging eyes, “This is a hate crime.”
“I’m not shocked,” Mikey stated evenly, “They do this every year.”
“They do?” Zach finally choked out, “Then--- why’d you have me set them up? Why so many?”
“Because we can’t stop hanging them just because they tear them down.”
“Won’t this mean more work for the janitor?” asked Felix, who lowered his head in shame the moment the others glared at him.
“The Senior Swim team has a history of going behind our back.” Mikey explained, “Carly used to destroy our lockers, too.”
“Doesn’t the office do anything?”
“That last time we did Ms.Nasty said she would look into it. She said it would be handled confidentially, but nothing happened.”
“We can’t keep doing the same thing.” Mikey reasoned, “This is ridiculous.”
“You’re right.” Mused Casey, furrowing his brow, “Let’s discuss this later. I have office duty, I’ll tell them what happened. You go to class, we’ll think it out during lunch.”
When the group dispersed, Casey instantly tailed after Zach. After a few minutes of briskly walking beside him, he hitched his breath and said,
“You should rig their diving board and teach them a lesson.”
“I can’t do that. I’m part of the team.”
“What team are you on?”
Zach sighed, pulling back a deep breath and halting to a stop.
“I can’t do that, Casey.”
“Zach, listen to me. People tear down our posters every year, and going to the office doesn’t help… what did the swim team ever do for you?”
“They didn’t do shit, but I did a lot to get on there. I don’t like them, but I don’t want to leave in disgrace either. Look, Casey, yesterday me and Sydney got into a fight about the posters. Gentry was trying to break it up, but he lost it when Mikey told him he was gay. I know that doesn’t excuse anything, but rigging their board isn’t right either. Let me handle Gentry; I’ve dealt with him before.”
“Yeah, and I could smell him on your clothes.” Casey sneered, keeping up with Zach’s pace, “Listen to me. Desperate times call for desperate means.”
“Well,” Zach sucked on his lower lip, “aren’t you his friend? Didn’t he write your papers for you? Can’t you just tell him to stop ripping down our posters---”
“No.” snapped Casey, “We’re not friends anymore because ever he’s gotten too cocky for his own good. And now he’s gone too far.”
“But rigging the diving board is indirect and cowardly. That’s what they did to the freshman swim team when I was on it. And if we do that now, we’re not any better than they are.”
“We have to fight fire with fire.”
Zach sighed.
“Come on, Zach. Some people only learn things one way.”
“But there has to be another way. I’m not gonna be a part of this, Casey.”
“But you ARE part of the GSA. And we are a team."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 5

Heavy footsteps echoed on the wet pavement, slapping down into the puddles.
Gentry tensed with uneasiness. Gods, of all people…
“Mikey.” Zach murmured, raising his head in his direction.
Mikey. What was so good about Mikey.
Gentry released Sydney’s hood from the recesses of his clenched palm.
What the hell did Zach find in that weasel? He was always grinning like a goddamed crocodile. Even now that his mouth was even, his eyes were gleaming like a row of exposed white teeth. And if there was one thing Gentry knew, it was to never trust a grinner.
“What the hell is going on here?” Mikey demanded.
“It’s complicated. Gentry thought to himself. Everything’s too fucking complicated.
“Faggots like you are taking over the school,” Sydney spat at Mikey and missed.
Zach snorted. Oh hells no. He had the right to put posters here, whether or not Sydney would kill him for it.
“We’re not taking over anything. If at all, there are too many homophobes like you. Your parents must be reaaaal proud. Come on, Syd! What are you gonna do? Piss on everyone who disagrees with you? Spit on our designer clothes?”
Sydney responded by slamming Zach against the wall. So close he could smell his sweat and see the red lines where his fingernails ended.
“Stop it!” Mikey shouted irately, “He has the right to put up posters. It’s a free country!”
“Syd.” Gentry spoke up again, “Leave the fag alone. You’ll only get banned from Nationals.”
Sydney grunted, shoved Zach to the ground and pulled away.
“Fucking burn in hell, faggot!” he panted.
“Come on. Let’s go---”
“That’s all you could do, Swim Team Captain?” demanded Mikey, “Run off and leave us ‘faggots’ alone? Some role model you are. You should defend Zach for expressing his opinion.”
Zach can defend himself.”
Mikey snorted contemptuously, then turned back to Zach, “I’m going to help you hang up posters. Which places did you manage to get to?”
“The question isn’t what place he got to, but which ones he didn’t.” Gentry sneered in reply, “Go home.”
You should go home, Gentry. You and the rest of the homophones on your Team. No one needs your homophobia.”
“No one needs your rainbow-colored posters.”
“You’re a homophobe, and you have no right to be.” Mikey stated, “Because you’re gay too.”
Gentry’s lips pulled back into a snarl, and she shoved Mikey against the bricks, “I’m not a fag.”
“Yes you are.” Mikey’s eyes glowed even as his back hit the wall.
Gentry felt Sydney’s stare sink into the back of his skull, so he shoved Mikey and pulled away.
You have no right to tell me what I am.” He looked to Syd, “What are you staring at? Let’s go.”

Friday, January 11, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 4

“---What the hell?”
Zach’s head shot up like a hunted antelope at the sound of Sydney’s wailing drawl. Gentry just tensed uncomfortably, but kept his expression even as he pushed the posters back into Zach’s limp hands. Sydney trudged over to the wall then stopped dead in his tracks.
Thirty seconds seemed like thirty minutes as he gawked at the rainbow wall, eyes wide and mouth gaping.
“Holy shit.” he choked out in disgust, “did Zach do that?”
“Yeah,” Zach looked him dead in the eye, “I did, got a problem with it?”
He could feel the sweat of his palms grow sticky and moist against his arms, which were crossed defensively. The sick, heavy feeling in his gut swished back and forth like a pendulum, and his heart thumped in his chest. He already knew from this nauseous feeling where this was headed, and buckled himself down for the ride.
“Faggot!” Sydney choked out, “You’re a fucking faggot!”
There it was. The first shot was fired. Just as he’d expected.
Zach opened his mouth but Gentry had the first word,
“Come on, Sydney, let’s go.”
“No…” Sydney snarled, “I’m not going anywhere. The faggot should.”
“If I’m a faggot you’re a homophobe, and that’s worse!”
The response was a swift shove backward.
“Didn’t get a taste the first time? Hey faggot, you like golden showers?”
Zach stumbled backwards but caught himself against the wall. He trembled with anger as he moved back in front of Sydney’s view, “Why don’t you take out your dick and piss on me here, big guy? Yeah, come on, show it to everyone!”
Gentry pulled Sydney back by his arm, “Come on.”
Sydney shoved him away, “Hell no. I’m not gonna be on a swim team with a known faggot. Are you a faggot? Why are you defending him?”
“I’m not defending him. He can defend himself.” Gentry breathed, “If at all I’m defending the team from both of your stupidity.”
Sydney leered at him apprehensively.
“What were you doing talking to him? Why were you, huh?”
“Because he doesn’t believe in freedom of speech,” Zach grumbled, which earned him a ‘shut up’ glare from Gentry.
“Why I was talking to him is none of your business.”
“Are you a faggot, Gentry? ARE YOU A FAGGOT!”
“Then why are you letting one on the team!”
“He’s one of the best swimmers.”
“Fuck you, that’s gay! He’s fucking up our team, and you don’t care. You know what’ll happen when people see these posters? They’ll think I’m gay too--- they’ll think every fucking guy on the team is gay because we’re trotting around the locker room in speedos with a faggot staring at us!”
“Fuck you!” Zach screamed, “You don’t have anything worth staring at!”
“Shut up Faggot!” Sydney growled, moving to shove Zach back only to be punched in the face.
He fell back in shock, the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.
“Call me faggot one more time and you lose a tooth.”
Sydney slowly climbed back on his feet, feeling his jaw in shock. The shock quickly wore off and rage bubbled up inside him. Zach just watched him gamely. His heart was racing with the knowledge that he’d just shoved down the brawniest guy on the team, and that anything could happen now. And yet, instead of fear he felt a fire surge through his veins, one that burned up all self-preservation at the sight of Sydney’s bloody lower lip.
Oh, he looked mad all right. Good!
Sydney’s pupils were now very tiny, and his breaths were slow and deep. The blood trickled down his chin, past his quivering lower lip. Fuck you, faggot!
Without another thought, he lunged forward.
He’d kill that fag. Send him to hell early, pound that ratty body of his into the cement. But instead of the satisfying slap of skin against skin he only hit air, stopping abruptly when he stiffly registered something pulling him back.
--- the fuck!
“Stop,” Gentry ordered, clutching onto the hood of Sydney’s sweatshirt, “Come on.”
“Fuck you man!” he shrieked, ripped a poster off the wall and crumpling it before throwing it at Zach. By this time, Zach’s common sense had returned--- and he knew better than to get into a physical fight with a guy three heads taller than him. As he felt the cold wind lap at his flushed face, he breathed a sigh and looked towards Gentry who in turn stared back at him.
What should he say?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 3

The very next day, the schoolground was littered with rainbow flags and brightly colored posters. Gentry had to admit that it was quite a sight to behold the brick wall of the library covered by a mess of purple blue green yellow orange red flyers. The big old brick building now had walls of rainbow strong enough to severely wound the eyes of any homophobe by neon brightness alone.
Gentry leered at it, wondering whether to be in awe or to feel contempt for this paper graffiti. Just then, Zach brushed past him with another stack of rainbow posters clutched to his chest. One by one, he pressed and taped them to the wall, covering the stubborn-few areas of visible brick. He pulled the tape from the roll and snipped it off with a safety scissors, then palmed a paper with rainbow text against the red brick wall. It read “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re the Kennedy High GSA! Meetings are in RM 350; Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunch. Leadership Positions are available!” After securely taping each corner and making sure the poster was at a right angle to the bricks, Zach wordlessly moved on to the next portion of wall and repeated this unexciting task. He knew damn well Gentry was staring, he didn’t have to look up to see… he could feel him.
“What are you trying to do, make a rainbow barricade?”
Zach wordlessly hung up another poster. One moment, then two, then three passed. When Zach reluctantly raised his head to look up, it only confirmed what he already knew. Gentry was still there, standing with crossed arms and a skeptic look on his face. Zach found he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
“I’m trying to make a difference…I want to change things.”
“Are you getting credit points?”
“No. But I don’t care about those, because I believe in what I’m doing.”
Gentry sighed and swiped the remaining posters out of Zach’s hands.
“Covering the school in rainbow paper won’t change that it’s a school. It won’t make it any better either, because people will still wish they were over it. All everyone cares about is graduating and getting into college, and you’re an idiot if you do extra work for nothing.”
“I’m not trying to change the school, I’m trying to change the people.” Countered Zach, reaching for the pile which Gentry hid behind his back.
“You’ll have better luck changing the buildings. Go home.”
Zach grunted and made an unsuccessful attempt to reach for the posters.
“Give them back, Gentry.”
“Stop putting them on every building. I don’t want to see them.”
“You can’t always get what you want, now hand them over!”

Monday, January 7, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 2

It was the gayest thing Gentry had ever seen. A diverse society of people who all had limp wrists and designer t-shirts, with spiked hair and affected voices.
And here was Zach, the latest member of the pack, wearing some typical form-fitting designer t-shirt and overpriced jeans. And he even had a rainbow wrist-band on this time.
He was here, he was queer, he was annoying. Gentry scowled and leaned back.
“Ok…” Mikey took a glance at his cue card, “What do you all think of when you think of the term GLBT?”
No one raised their hands and the teacher eyed the clock on the wall impatiently.
Zach inched towards the board and wrote down:

GLBT = Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender

“Ok, good job Zach.” He nodded at the scribble then quickly turned back to the class, “this is what GLBT stands for. A lot of people think a lot of things when they hear the term gay… can you think of any?”
Gentry raised his hand.
“Yes… Gentry?”
“I can’t read the writing.”
“It says Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender.” replied Zach, coolly.
“Ohhh. Thank you, Zach. Why is Gay first and not Transgender?”
“MOVING on. A lot of people have hatred for gay people---“
“Because you use up class time to preach about yourselves. No other club is allowed to come into classes for speeches, why are you different? You don’t see the IndoPac talking during class.”
“OK Gentry, no more talking.” Mikey shot, “A lot of people like---”
“And although you claim to be individuals, you don’t accept people who are different from you unless they adapt to mainstream gay culture.”
“We’re humans too, Gentry.” Zach fired before anyone could stop him, “And adapting is sometimes that humans do to survive.”
“Diversity also keeps humans alive.”
“But freaks die.”
“You’re one to talk.”
Mikey rubbed his temples, “Both of you, be quiet.”
“I’m done.” Said Gentry, leaning back in his seat and crossing him arms.
“You better be.” Zach shot back.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 1

“You know what I wonder?”
“How could Gentry afford to make a cake as elaborate as a pig head.”
Kylie, Gentry, Zach, and Mikey all leaned in towards the center of the table, feigning both interest and disinterest. All except Felix, who pulled off a large piece of his chicken nugget and chewed it with childish delight. He gradually realized he had somehow chewed to long, then laughed and muffled out the word, “Wha?”
Kylie leered at him, then guffawed loudly, “Oh, I don’t know how he could afford it--- maybe because his parents are Texan millionaires?”
“He’s from Alabama.” Zach corrected with a strained voice.
“Texas, Alabama, same thing.” Mikey scoffed with a disgusted face, then softened it with a grin.
“Mmmm Bible Belt yep.” Casey said between bites of macaroni and cheese, “The dumbest people you’ll ever meet.”
“An Alabama lawyer?” Mikey drawled to let it sink in, “I read about how the justice system there is full of institutionalized racism. It’s horrible.”
“I bet Gentry just likes black meat to piss off his daddy.” Kylie smirked, chewing her gum back.
Mikey laughed and put his arm around Zach’s shoulders and pulled him close enough to plant a kiss on his lips. Zach just swatted him away.
Casey shrugged thoughtlessly, “I never really got why they didn’t get along. I used to want an internship from him, but Gentry never let me talk to him alone. I couldn’t ask him while Gentry was there, because that would be kind of rude.”
“Yeah, Gentry probably got it either way. If his dad is a lawyer, he’s probably going into politics.”
“Gentry, in politics?” Zach gave a laugh, even though he didn’t really think it was funny, “That fits.”
“Yeah, way too well.” Kylie meowed, narrowing her catty eyes, “The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
“Gentry isn’t like his dad that much.”
“Yeah, he sure isn’t.” Casey shrugged, “His dad’s smart and a real businessman. He’s really smart. He went to Princeton.”
“Yeah. Gentry,” Scoffed Mikey, “just follows the path his parents laid out for him; he has it easy. He even has a therapist, and for what? Being too wealthy? I can’t stand spoiled rich kids. Except you, Zach.”
Felix quietly fiddled with his lunch, wondering whether or not the mayonnaise was rotten. His dim black eyes glanced up for a moment, and upon noticing the table was quiet asked,
“Well, so, Casey. Why were you wondering about the cake? It’s because Gentry is rich, right?”
Casey leaned into the table, “Here is what I think… his parents kicked him out.”
“Kicked out?” Zach fell back in his seat, startled, “Why?”
“Not everyone has tolerant, gay-friendly parents.” Casey shrugged, retreating back into his favorite reclining position, “It’s sad. I wonder if he’s still going to go to college.”
“Oh… yeah, isn’t he going to some Ivy League?”
“Didn’t he tell you?” asked Zach.
Casey gulped down a large spoonful of macaroni and cheese, “Mmm… no, he didn’t tell me. Or anyone. He said it’s elitist to talk about things like that. But I think he just didn’t get in.”
“He told me he’s going to Princeton.” Zach blurted out.
The table fell silent.
“Princeton?” Casey raised both eyebrows, “Hm. Well, it’s an ok school. It’s not his shocking, he probably got in because his dad went there. I got into Harvard. What about you, Felix?”
“UC Berkley.”
“I’m planning to go to Stanford. I want to be a lawyer. You, Zach?”
Zach slouched in his chair, “…I didn’t really think about it. Maybe Stanford, too.”
“Well,” said Casey, “With your grades, you should maybe aim a little lower.”
“You should piss a little lower.”
“Okay, okay, settle down Zach.” Mikey cooed, pulling him into a quick ‘shut up’ kiss.
But Zach just pushed him away and continued,
“Besides, Gentry doesn’t write my essays for me.”
Mikey coughed, “Order, order. Hey! I’m doing the GSA tour this year.”
“Oh yeah.” Said Casey, easing back into his seat, “I forget to mention it in our meeting. This could be a good opportunity for you, Zach. Basically, we go around to classrooms and talk about gay rights. It’d be nice to finally have a black guy talking about us. You know, to show we’re diverse too.”