Monday, January 7, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 2

It was the gayest thing Gentry had ever seen. A diverse society of people who all had limp wrists and designer t-shirts, with spiked hair and affected voices.
And here was Zach, the latest member of the pack, wearing some typical form-fitting designer t-shirt and overpriced jeans. And he even had a rainbow wrist-band on this time.
He was here, he was queer, he was annoying. Gentry scowled and leaned back.
“Ok…” Mikey took a glance at his cue card, “What do you all think of when you think of the term GLBT?”
No one raised their hands and the teacher eyed the clock on the wall impatiently.
Zach inched towards the board and wrote down:

GLBT = Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender

“Ok, good job Zach.” He nodded at the scribble then quickly turned back to the class, “this is what GLBT stands for. A lot of people think a lot of things when they hear the term gay… can you think of any?”
Gentry raised his hand.
“Yes… Gentry?”
“I can’t read the writing.”
“It says Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender.” replied Zach, coolly.
“Ohhh. Thank you, Zach. Why is Gay first and not Transgender?”
“MOVING on. A lot of people have hatred for gay people---“
“Because you use up class time to preach about yourselves. No other club is allowed to come into classes for speeches, why are you different? You don’t see the IndoPac talking during class.”
“OK Gentry, no more talking.” Mikey shot, “A lot of people like---”
“And although you claim to be individuals, you don’t accept people who are different from you unless they adapt to mainstream gay culture.”
“We’re humans too, Gentry.” Zach fired before anyone could stop him, “And adapting is sometimes that humans do to survive.”
“Diversity also keeps humans alive.”
“But freaks die.”
“You’re one to talk.”
Mikey rubbed his temples, “Both of you, be quiet.”
“I’m done.” Said Gentry, leaning back in his seat and crossing him arms.
“You better be.” Zach shot back.

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