Monday, September 17, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 5: Part 6

“Hey Gentry, is it true? Are you REALLY swimming against Zach?” drawled Casey, perching by Gentry’s locker.
The redhead peered at him with neutrally, while thinking to himself, “I dislike you... and you're too dumb to see it."
“Gentry? Helloooo anybody home? Are you really swimming against Zach?”
“Ask him.” Gentry slammed the locker and shuffled away as fast as possible without running.
“Ahhh, come on now, Gentry,” Casey drawled warmly, stalking after him through the school halls, “I heard he also beat you up. I thought it was probably a small brawl. But I’m worried about you… You seem depressed.”
“I’ve been depressed since Freshman year, and now you notice? Some friend you are, I might as well be friends with a bag of flour. You just want to know what’s up so you can tell your friends. I’d be far less depressed if you’d just committed suicide all those years ago.” Gentry thought to himself, but instead said, “Don’t worry. Zach’s just competing with me. That’s all.”
“I thought you liked him. Is it over between you two?” Casey now walked alongside him, adjusting his pace. His eyes shone with thinly veiled curiosity as he waited for a reply. Instead, Gentry continued to walk quietly, ignoring him until Casey poked his shoulder and said, “Hey you… Don’t space out on me.”
“You know what,” Gentry looked up suddenly, “ask him. I just like him because he has a nice ass.”
“OH. Awww, Gentry, you got your heart broken. Let me hug you.”
Gentry kept him at an arm’s length, “I’d rather you didn’t.” Because you smell bad.
Casey laughed awkwardly, slapping him on the shoulder, “Well, I have full faith you’ll get over him, Gentry. There are nicer asses.”
“I can’t wait to graduate and never see you again.” Gentry thought to himself, but instead said, “Yeah. There are nicer asses.”
“Definitely. There are a LOT of nice asses at this school.”
Gentry looked at Casey and thought, “Like you.”

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raindrop said...

Hey! It's x from FanLit. I just read all of the story so far. It's sooo good! I love it!