Friday, October 31, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 20

Note: Happy Halloween!!

The afternoon sun beat down on his back, drying up the droplets which skimmed over his form and along the curve of his spine, down to his sturdy legs, and slowly dripping from his black swim trunks.
He looked good, Mikey decided. Damn good.
So he leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek, “Want me to drive you home this time? I got my license, so I came here with my new BMW… you just have to see it. It’s like silver, and very shiny. It even has a backseat.”

Zach pulled away, “We don’t need to give them a show. Enough already.”

Mikey sighed past the grin plastered to his face, as Zach moved back to the pool and crouched down to save some poor humming bee from chlorinated doom.
“Didn’t you say that you’re not his bitch?”
“Yeah. I did. But there’s a fine line between freedom of expression and shoving your view in someone’s face.”
“All right… though you were licking your fingers—”
“That’s different. I’m only doing to Syd what he’s doing to me. Do you know how many times he talks about boobs? The other guys are always talking about tits this, boobs that, breasts that; hell, I now know more about breasts than I ever wanted to… I don’t talk to them about cock. And why? Because I’m polite. And I’m tired of being polite, I’m tired of them calling me faggot and acting like I’m less manly and don’t belong on their team. Hell, I’m more manly than any of them, because I can fuck my own kind, I don’t need some delicate girl to make me feel tough—”
“Whatever, Zach. It’s your call…” Mikey’s voice drifted off as he moved behind him, quietly watching Zach lean forward to cup the struggling insect into his hands. As he sqawted to maintain balance, the trunks crawled down his hips, and a bruise came up. It was mild discoloration, but visible enough.
“Hey, where did you get this bruise?” Mikey murmured, at which Zach startled and nearly dropped the insect. He quickly regained his composure as he shakily stood up and tossed the critter out past the fence, into some fresh green blades of grass.
“Oh… I didn’t know I had one.” Zach replied, truthfully enough. He didn’t know it was there, but God did he ever know where it came from.
“It must’ve been an accident.”
Mikey raised his eyebrows and replied coldly,
“Be more careful.”
Then he brightly changed the subject, asking, “Did you get a tux for prom yet? If not, I have a list of what I’m wearing… to make sure we match.”


Anonymous said...

uh oooo
quick save zach

i'm really interested to see how prom will go down...i'm sure it'll be pretty interesting

post more soon!!


Anonymous said...

million dollar question now: bruise from sex...
or bruise from abuse?
was Gentry a little rough
or do we not know something about Zach's dad?
i wanna see where this is going...