Friday, January 2, 2009

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 38

Note: This scene starts on Chapter 19: Part 36, and has three parts. This is part 3/3!

Ducks only see black and white, so don’t forget to accentuare the key colors on your decoys— it is surprising how successful you can be by exaggerating size and brightness

Gentry was staring, too, taking it in as he crudely wiped his blood-stained hands on the sofa. The voice rang out over the footage of the dead duck, probably recorded after the fact:

We were successful here, but normally you want to keep moving. Be where the ducks are. So don’t get too attached to one spot— don’t get left behind, or you get left with nothing. Remember, you need to hunt after what you want.

“Don’t you ever think about your mom? Why she doesn’t look for you?”
“She doesn’t need to.” Gentry replied.
“Don’t you wonder if she cares?”
“All those years she knew what he was doing. She let you walk out of her house, just like that. My mom is sending me away, because that’s what you do when people are dead to you. But yours is something else. Would she notice if you died; would she care? Would anyone?”
Gentry quietly stood up, and Carly took one look at him then groaned, “Where the hell you going? Buying more beer?”
“Like you need more beer.”
Carly leapt off the couch and stormed in front of him.
“Here you are, burning your hands everyday. You burn yourself, you think that’s normal? That’s what crazy people do.”
Gentry brushed him aside and began to walk down the hall, barely listening. Carly could yank his chain all day long, because fact was, Gentry didn’t care. There were things that needed to be done, things that needed finishing.
Carly bellowed after him,
“People just think you’re normal!”
“You’re as normal as a stick in a hand-jar.” Gentry murmured, opening the bedroom door, “If rehab can’t fix “fucked up,” at least you’ll fit in.”
Carly stormed after him and slammed the bedroom door, “I’m fucked up but I’m not crazy! Crazy is not feeling anything, being numb without drugs! And you walk around like you’re sedated. I can tear down this house and you don’t have a reaction— and then you think you’re better than me? You only think you have control, but you don’t. And one day, you’ll crash—”
“Prom’s in two days.”
Gentry glanced away from his cold hard mirror reflection.
“Where do you keep your tux?”


Anonymous said...

ok, so Carly's going to rehab. Makes sense.
But Gentry's burning himself...with water (the facuet thing from the first section)...its so...curious, i guess the word would be.
Gentry's kind of indifferent, yet the reader knows he's more so just keeping everything in...but...i missed WHY he's burning himself.
misses his mom? wants Zach? or just needs something to feel, maybe? hm...


Anonymous said...

I've never noticed as much as I did now, but Gentry has such a calming, noncaring way to him that it's pretty unnerving. He burns himself, self-mutilation, that's not very uplifting. I don't know, these 3 parts have definitely informed the reader on how dark and pretty twisted Gentry is.

But for some strange reason, I can't stop liking him. I feel like with him it's sort of a fascination with the abonination type thing. At least it is for me.

Great posts!!
Post more soon!