Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because You Suck: Chapter 22: Part 1

Note: A warm-hearted comment made me want to post the rest of the story (There are only two chapters left: 22 and 23.) You know who you are, and you are AWESOME. There will now be updates at least once a week, because.

Mike fell into a locker as Zach hurried past him. It wasn’t much of a fight. Mike met the floor without protest, cheek against the cement; and students walked past him, some over him. The Principal stumbled over his body, stopped, glanced down and quickly looked away.

His sweaty hand slowly pulled a Danish out of a brown paper bag, and sniffed back the wetness in his nose as his teeth sank into the dough. No sooner had the taste of sticky-sweet frosting fill his mouth, then Nasty stormed into him. The Danish hurled into the air and splattering onto the ground, where the soft pastry was marked by the imprint of her stiletto heel, which smeared gooey white frosting across the cement as she stormed up to Mike to remind him that participation still mattered senior year.

The principal took his leave, hungry and confused, when suddenly a bold black headline shot out in front of him. Mikey’s voice rang out, “The school newspaper made a big mistake. Tolerance and Laughs at Kennedy Prom cited the head of the GSA as Mike Gonzalez. I’m Mikey Carmichael. That guy over there there’s Mike Gonzelez.”
“This is a pretty big deal, and the school needs to announce the correction so that people know who to contact. I have been preventing gay youth suicide and violence in the halls of Kennedy for over two years—“
At that moment, Gentry ran in between them, elbowing Mikey to the ground as he sped past.

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