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Because You Suck: Chapter 22: Part 25

Note (to Susan:) So much for me not flaking off, huh ;)? Your words literally brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you :). Yours is the first, and only, human-written comment of this entire year. I thought nobody read this story anymore, and figured no one would notice if I didn't post all of it. I'm glad I was wrong. I'll update it again, regularily this time.
Additional Note: Aha! Type-o's fixed. Thanks to Susan, the awesome editor :3. Inconsistencies are fun!

Letter Addressed to the School Board

June 14, 2007


Union High School District


Date: 6-14-07

Partial Days: 1

Full Days: 2

Grade Level/Grade Year: 011/2007

ID #: 698822

Since we at Kennedy High school are interested in maintain ing our close relationship with the home, this notice is sent to inform you that Zach Tyler has been suspended for: insubordination

Because this represents a serious violation of our stanfards and of our education code 48900 k, Zach has been suspended and may return to school on 4-21-07.


(indeterminable signature)

Attached: Statement by Zach Tyler

I was called out at the beginning of 3rd period. I was mad about that, because I already told the secretary that I don’t like being called out of class. Not all my teachers post their homework online so if I miss their lecture, I could miss homework information. A large part of my grade is participation, and it suffers when I’m not in class. When I went to see the attendance secretary, Ms.Peruvia, she said that I had two offenses which would be on my permanent record. When I asked for verification, she said that I should already know the policy, since it was explained to me and she had documented it. When I figured out what she meant, I answered that I didn’t check back into the office for my yellow “return” slip after returning from the test. I told her that if she wanted proof I came back, she could see my teacher’s attendance list, and that the policy didn’t matter because she knew where I was, and that was all that counted. Then I also told her to stop calling me out of class, since part of my grade is on partitipation and class time was already ticking away.

She answered that she did not like my tone, and that she could call me out of class whenever she wanted. Then she called Ms. Nasty, asking me to talk to her. Ms. Nasty and I also don’t get along ever since she threatened me with a dress code violation which was fake, since the outfit I wore broke no violations I had heard of or she could think of. There is no official dress code, I already told her that. But she doesn’t want to argue out points, and makes it clear that you must obey her way, or no way. She talked to me as if I were a dog, motioning “come here” with her hand and behaving very rudely. I had no desire to speak with her, because she wasn’t the one who called me out of class this time. I was threatened with suspension. I said I would only leave with Ms. Nasty if Ms. Peruvia would secure me an appointment where we could come to an agreement on the issue of calling me out of class. She would do no such thing, so they threatened to call the police. I told them they could do what they wanted, because I wasn’t leaving until I got that appointment. Ms. Nasty guarded the door and called in Mr. Brokeshaw, while complaining about how I was wasting her time. Mr. Brokeshaw seemed visibly upset.

There were two police officers, Mr. Linden and an unnamed balding one. They told me to move to the principal’s room, but I declined because he was not where my problem was. I was forcefully pulled out of the room. The unnamed officer was holding too tightly on my arm, and I tried to loosen his grip by complaining of pain and moving my arm slightly. He grabbed my arm harder, yelling at me, twisting it even though I loudly complained it hurt my bones. In Mr. Harold’s office, the balding officer told me to get into a chair. I did not want to sit down, so he yelled at me and very roughly pushed me into the chair. He then proceeded to call me a “very annoying problem.” He demanded to know my grades, and Mr. Harold made a wavering motion with his hand. But I had no problems with my principal since he was more professional. Mr.Harold was helpful and understanding, but I don’t think there was much he could do about the secretaries. He doesn’t watch them.

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Susan said...

SQUEEEEE!!! Aw, yay! I was so happy when I saw that there was a new post, I had to go make myself a whole cup of tea to celebrate (and build up the anticipation). :D I'm so excited that nothing happened and that the story will go on! (And believe me when I say that I am more than okay with hounding you about posting, if that helps any. ;) )

Erm, just a little editorial note - dunno if you're looking for edits at all, but I write (m/m romance), too, and I'm kind of a compulsive editor of pretty much anything I read. I was kind of confused about the different dates on the suspension note. At the top it's June 14, then there's a date listed as 1-32-04 (??), then it says that the suspension will be up on May 28, 2007. Also it says that Zach is in ninth grade, but I thought this was the next school year and that now he's in 10th grade? I thought he and Gentry had the opening little tryst thing during Zach's freshman year, then there was summer break (when Zach invited Gentry along on vacation) and now it's the next school year. Anyway. Some clarification would help the flow just a little bit better! :)