Friday, May 4, 2012

Because You Suck: Chapter 22: Part 30

Note: (About Previous Chapters) In response to a question... I attended a very preppy school where most parents visited the office every time their kids got in trouble. Some did it to smooth things over (like Zach's parents.) This is extremely commonplace in preppy schools, where school politics affect grades and college recommendation letters. Bringing gifts/food is not unusual. Parents visiting the office would normally talk to a vice principal (like Ns. Nasty.) My school had several VPs, including 1-2 who routinely met parents in the hall without introduction. One of them addressed parents and students the way Ms. Nasty does. Public accusations and humiliation happened constantly around that person, and I suspect that many people hung around just to watch and talk about it later.

               Some days Gentry thought that he was a dynamic person in a static world, a world with too much clutter. Today had been good. It was good to see people like that, people who stood together but not because they were the same. He thought about his parents. Wondered.

Did Sophia think about him?

Did she shove him out of her mind the way she shoved out everything else that hurt her? Had she closed the door on this chapter of her life?

Don’t ask questions you won’t like the answer to.

Don’t ask questions. He never asked questions. What could he possibly do with the answers? Teenagers were irresponsible. Things needed to be kept in order…
His foot kicked at the moldy wet leaves and trash which covered the porch of Carly’s home, and forced his key into the keyhole.

Entered loudly as always, murmuring hello so as not to startle him. Alcohol stung his senses. Wrinkled his nose but kept his mouth shut the way it did everytime. Heavy sneakers clambered over the doorstep, and the wind slammed the door shut behind him.

Carly was sprawled on the couch, eyes closed mouth open. Legs spread and head tossed back. A dried trail of drool glistened down the side of his mouth, and his face shone red.

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