Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 11: Part 12

“Did you see the tits on that freshman?”
“No, Mike. Why don’t you give us an in-depth description.”
“They were big and round, like two cantaloupes… I swear, she must have huuuuge nipples. With areolas; I’d like to bite them--- What the hell.” Sydney whined all of a sudden, “Why are they giving us bananas! This is so gay.”
“…You don’t like bananas?” Ethan probed.
“Yeah. I don’t like strawberries either.”
“Well, see… if you hold them like so…”
“---Holy shit man! Put that down!”
“Make me. But it’s seriously fucked up, what about all those ads with guys eating strawberries?”
“Which ads are you looking at?”
“Haha yeah Mike what ads?”
“Shut the fuck up I’m just saying---It’s fucked up shit.”
“…So… now I eat more apples.”
“Yeah, I heard they keep fags away.” Gentry said, pausing to take a long sip, “It’s a biochemical reaction; they don’t like fruity smells.”
“Haha, you’re so dumb.” Sydney taunted until Mike grew red in the face.
“Nothing exists to make faggots go away. Looking for that is like looking for unicorns.”
“Unicorns are real, they just got extinct.”
Gentry grunted in disgust and pulled the strawberry into his fist, pressing it until thin red juice trickled down his wrist.
“No more gayness. Happy?”
The table fell silent. Gentry made a face and dunked the fruit into Sydney’s chocolate milk.
“What the hell did you do that for?”
“Your fag-ness is getting to me.”
“Dude I’m not gay.”
“You should be. The thought of you reproducing gives me nightmares.”
Mike and Ethan laughed gregariously, but Sydney stormed up onto his feet and demanded:
“What’s with you today. did you sit on a pencil?”
“You’d like that.”
“Hey guys,” interjected Mike, “You know who is gay? Zach--- he came out to his parents.”
“How do you know?” Sydney asked, “Were you there?”
"He probably held his hand through it."
“Quit it. Kylie told me his mom walked in on them buttfucking on the bed---”
Gentry spewed out his water in a coughing fit.
“Dude, you ok?”
Gentry coughed hoarsely, pounding his fist against his chest, “I’m fine.”
The table stared back at him, their big eyes filled with basic curiosity. Gentry looked back at them uneasily, a tense silence eclipsing all other conversation.
They had always had their suspicious.
And now they looked to him or looked away, hands balling to fists and hearts throbbing. Gentry sighed forcefully and leaned back with an impassive expression.
“I hope he gets AIDs. Fuck that faggot.”
He shrugged abruptly, and looked back at the table, “If any fag still wants to talk about butt-fucking they can join the GSA--- I don’t want to hear about it.”


Anonymous said...


i think Gentry's hurt
i would be if i heard my lover was doing someone else
but jeez those guys are some jerks
personally, i like gay people
they're frickin awesome lol

keep posting-i am determined to follow this sotry until i see how it ends!

furst568 said...

i'm still here and still reading!