Friday, March 14, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 12: Part 7

“Tell me.”
Gentry moved to bedroom, and Carly stumbled after him in a drunken stupor.
“Tell me!”
“I already told you too much.”
“I know he wasn’t just some faggot if you risked expulsion to beat him up.”
“Mind your own business. Just because I’m staying here doesn’t make us friends.”
“Who is your friend if not me? You wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for me! You wouldn’t have been able to join the swim team, to be captain of the team, in fact---”
“Good night.”
“You wouldn’t have been able to stay in school if it weren’t for me! You’d still be sleeping in the Subway!”
“Your mom pays the bills here, and I’m paying her back for letting me stay. That’s not a favor, that’s business. High school is over, the past is over. Get that into your pathetic head.”
“If my poor mom knew why I was drinking, she’d throw you out.”
“Oh, now you’re drinking because of my Dad?” Gentry scoffed in contempt, “Don’t blame my father just because you can’t get it together.”
“He pulled me apart in more ways than one, Gentry. And it’s just a matter of time before you do the same to someone else!”
Gentry shoved him down onto the bed.
“---You’re drunk.”
Carly fell back with a muted thud, and lay there with glazy black eyes fixed up at the ceiling. That hurt, but it hurt where it needed to. Popped something into place that no one else could.
“You’re fucked up, too. Stop hurting Zach… hurt me. Stay with me.”
“I wish you came with a remote control.”
“I wish you weren’t a dick. But I still want you, and… you can’t always get what you want. Fuck. If you knew how much… I want you… right now. You don’t even know… standing there so smug. Who do you think you are?” he slurred, “Yeah, that’s right, take off your shirt as if I’m not here. If I weren’t so wasted I’d fuck you to pieces… your dad had a good thing… but that didn’t stop him, he couldn’t leave it alone. I couldn’t do that to you… but I can understand it. If it weren’t for him, I would have hurt you before anyone else could have, done it like that guy from Alabama… you never forget your first. I wish I were him, so you’d never forget me.”
No answer.
“Fine, ignore me. I won’t ignore you. Your dad works for the school now, doesn’t he? And look where we are. Look where you are now! Is that fair? Did he suspend you? No; don’t anwer that. I know he did. And you just took it, just like when he took you. And now you’re as quiet then as when he did it to me. Tell me, did you slam the door to make it go away?”
Gentry turned off the lights and let the darkness speak for him. He had nothing to say, nothing to satiate Carly’s appetite for desutruction or vanqish the bitterness he held in his heart. Even if he did, he wouldn’t give it to him.
“It was because of Zach, wasn’t it.”
No answer.

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Anonymous said...

aahhhhhhh! i cant believe it!
Carly's...and Gentry's dad...and GEntry...and...OMFG!
i cant believe it! its just like WHOA!
this is like...omg!!!!

(and thank you, by the way, for reading what you did of my story. I appreciate it =])