Friday, August 1, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 18: Part 9

Every so often, Gentry found he fell asleep while seemingly awake. Sometimes he wondered which part was the dream, and which part wasn’t.
And it wasn’t a bad feeling... Not at all. It was good… real good.
Lonely shores spreading out to where the shore met the sky. Silky sand dunes and salty air… the gentle whisper of waves carressing the shore, the slow and even strokes of the tide against the sand… a gust of sea-breeze curling up against the water, and the warmth of sunlight radiating off of millions of tiny ripples…

A distant cry of a seagull.

Where the sun met the sky, safe from drowning and wet with life…

A distant cry of a seagull.

Far from the sands…

A distant cry of a seagull.


“I finished the second rough draft of that essay.”

Gentry woke from the comfortable emotion he’d been wrapped in, and simply glanced at Zach. Well. That explained the seagull.
Had he been asleep? Had he been daydreaming? He didn’t know, and he didn’t reply. He just stared at Zach, expecting him to say what he had to say. Squawk.


liz said...

this was a cute and clever entry, my friend

Anonymous said...

i love how this part flowed
all dreamy and such to the comedic vibe (for lack of better words)that is really always there between Zach or Gentry in some kind of subtle way

<3 it