Friday, August 15, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 18: Part 13

Note: NC-17. Ooh, scary!

It felt good, so good.
… To keep his mouth shut and let his body do the talking.
It was hard to forget, and harder to forgive, but hardest of all to stop once he’d started. Zach shuddered, trying not to savor the feeling of Gentry’s tongue against his tip. He was unexpectedly gentle this time, slow and warm to the touch, his mouth waking every nerve it slicked over with sudden, scorching need.
When that sharp spike of arousal took hold there was no denying it.
His fingers tangled into Gentry’s hair, and body ached and throbbed to life. He was rough. He was forceful—
But it felt right, and nothing else mattered now except release—
Release, he needed release—
And there was nothing teasing—
or self-indulgent about those short, erratic licks and the easy grasp of the rough palm around his stiff cock. He moved fast— so fast Zach needed to grip onto the table’s edge to support his wobbly knees, hold on tightly or risk falling off. No, he knew he’d fall, just knew it— And when his tip slid down Gentry’s throat, he just lost it.

His knees gave in and his grip slackened, but Gentry caught him before he hit the ground.

Zach jerked touchily. The cool air brushed over exposed skin and the musky scent of cum jerked his senses awake. He dazedly glanced down to where Gentry was crouched, looking back up at him.


Gentry looked away and fumbled for the tissue packet on the table, which Zach awkwardly slid into his hand. He glanced at the burn marks that flecked the skin but decided not to mention them.
“Where did you learn that?” he asked, feeling dumb as soon as the question stumbled from his lips.
“… Not in school.”


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Anonymous said...

is gentry a prostitute?
and is gentry burned or zach?
and why dont they just get back together already?????