Saturday, December 6, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 30

“Don’t you ever worry about being outed? Exhibition streak aside, you have to admit, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be a closeted gay exhibitionist. In fact, it doesn’t make any sense at all, it’s like you’re setting yourself up. People are talking about us, you know. What if someone like Sydney might burst in, what would you do?”
Gentry flatly replied, “No one ever has, and no one ever will.”
“He did in the bathroom.”
“This isn’t a bathroom.”
“But they’re already suspicious.”
“They won’t be for much longer.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“I just am.”
Zach looked away. You just are. Well, good for you.
But that did not sound good. At all. When someone that crazy was that certain, it was probably because he had something planned… and although Zach wanted to pry further, he stopped himself. Nothing good could come out of that, and besides, he wouldn’t have put it past him to have already put something into motion, or at least thought it through. No, that last part wasn’t reassuring at all.
Gentry cast him a wry look, then grinned and kissed at his jawline, “Stop worrying.”
“Whatever you’re planning, it doesn’t sound good.”
“It isn’t.” Gentry stopped for a moment, and thoughtfully added, “But it won’t affect you.”
“That wasn’t what I meant. It’s not about me, it’s about—” Zach sighed, throwing his head back over the seat until he felt blood gush into his forehead.
“You know what, forget it.” He gently pushed him away and added, “It’s your business; play straight or play gay or be a general fruitcake— do what you need to do. You've figured out a good system to avoid getting caught. Sydeny could walk in right now and you'd convince him he didn't know what he saw. And it won’t matter anyway because you’re the only one who can swim the Gauntlet. You’ll get away with it, like you always do. But don’t you ever get tired of it?”
“Tired of what?”
“Of denying yourself?”
“I fuck boys.” Gentry said offishly, “That’s what I do, not what I am. My culture isn’t defined by liking dick… And it’s nobody’s God damn business if I do.”
“Yeah yeah.”
Zach shrugged, then blindly reached for his GSA t-shirt.
Kennedy High GSA: Being Gay is Abnormal— I’m Extra-Ordinary.
He sat back up and shook his head to cast off the dizzy spell, then gawked at the bright blue shirt for a long while before putting it on.
The letters blurred into view, crisp, clear, and black.


Anonymous said...

"Sydeny could walk in right now and you'd convince him he didn't know what he saw."
^^seriously! i'd call it a talent, almost. i'm not sure if it's that gentry's good with his words or if sydney's just...i dunno...guilible? not the right word...
i guess easily swayed?
i wanna know what gentry's gonna do! his plan are always something to look forward to
they make a great story to tell =]


Anonymous said...

post soon