Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 33

At that moment a string plucked in Zach’s mind… and released an unsteady dissonance. Immediately his head shot up, eyes wide with sudden understanding as he scrambled to his feet and towards the study room door. Locked.

“You bastard—” he yelled, “Open up! I know you stole it!”

Gentry heard him. He’d waited for it.
His hands slowly pushed his body off the librarian’s counter, and his lumbering body started the long tread down the hall, ears listening to how the the pounding pleas steadily weakened the farther he was and the faster his feet moved across the scratchy carpet. Farther and farther away with each step, back turned and eyes fixed forward. The double doors were right in front of him, and he could almost feel the cold metal of the handle in the fist that was slowly curling at his side. Could almost feel the cold air on his face—


He stopped. Stopped just long enough to glance over his shoulder and dangle out a set of keys. They clinked together loudly, jingling like bells in the empty library, clanking together with glorious noise. And for a short moment, Zach stopped pulling at the doorhandle and instead looked up to listen. Those wonderful blue eyes gawked at him, just him… for a moment that was just long enough to hurl the keys into the darkest, farthest corner of the library.

“Call your boyfriend.” Gentry said, just loudly enough to reach through the glass to Zach’s gaping expression, “He’ll find them.”
What Zach said afterwards, he didn’t catch, because he turned back around and loudly kicked over the trash can on his way out. As it aimlessly rolled around on the floor, he opened the double doors and quietly slipped out.


Anonymous said...

haha wow
that's classic
i like how his mind works :)


Anonymous said...

and gentry strikes again! he's good for things like that: pushing people into bushes, locking people in library study rooms. its so him.

i think gentry's feelings are hurt. maybe zach went too far. said too much...
sigh. oh those boys.

one day, though, one day.