Monday, February 2, 2009

Because You Suck: Chapter 20: Part 5

He watched him intently for roughly five minutes, scrutinizing every step before setting his gaze on the double doors. By the large blue-balloon arch. He’d seen what he needed to, and heard what he didn’t. Clear on what Mikey was here for and why every guy in the GSA was wearing a blue tux, unable to ignore that mild voice preaching to each member of the yearbook staff about gay solidarity for the 33% of gay teens silenced by suicide, speaking up for the silenced minority while posing in pictures with every girl on the floor. Prom could never just be prom, there was always more to it. It was used to show how much money people could throw around, how much hotter they were than everybody knew, or that they really did care for the poor sap who sliced up their wrists in high school. Nasty would probably spend all of tomorrow assuring the principal that although everyone was hammered, not one student was inappropriately dressed. Perhaps this was one of the reasons the disoriented local newspaper reporter was heading for the punch, and probably why this kid named Jake had spiked it with the small tin of vodka hidden in his sleeve, pouring it into the blue plastic cup that would later be dumped into the bowl during a refill. Slowly, because as long as you didn’t look like you were doing something wrong, people left you alone.

“We’re doing this to promote gay solidarity. We’re wearing blue because that’s how people get beaten black and blue. Gay teen suicide attempts are four times more likely than those of heterosexual teens.”

Yeah? I don’t see it. Gentry contented himself in knowing Zach wasn’t here, but suppressed the nagging curiosity of just why until it got the better of him. So he eased Kylie into a seat, and told her, “You wait here— I’ll get us more punch.”
She smiled goofily and clasped her arms around him, “But I loooove this songgg…”
“Me too. Stay.”
He pushed her back to free himself, then snaked through the crowd and up to Mikey, who finished talking to Jenny and started for the bathroom. Gentry pursued him, and slipped in before the heavy blue door slammed shut.


Anonymous said...

uh o looks like mikey is in a bit of trouble once gentry finds out what happened
post more!!


Anonymous said...

lol i love how Kylie's juiced.
"I looove this songgg"
"Me too. Stay" lol

now i just wonder where this is goin gto go. no way would mikey fight on his prom night, gentry might, but mikey i wouldnt think so.
nice post


Anonymous said...

hey, not sure if i told you already (forgive me if i have already) but i've finally posted a new chap in The Suicide Club...and i'm hoping to get back to editing Cutter but i'm not sure that'll happen too soon. but...yeah. i finally posted. check it out. i always love your comments =]

oh, and where have you been young lady? i've been coming back here like everyday looking for a new post. well? where is it? i'm waAaAaAiIiIiIiTtTtTting =]