Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because You Suck: Chapter 20: Part 8

Note: I updated the missed parts from last week, starting on Because You Suck: Chapter 20: Part 6. Sorry for the late updates! They'll be more regular now that I'm feeling better...

Zach picked up a rock to throw after it, but tossed it to the ground instead. Even if he could hit the car, it wouldn’t ease his frustration. It wouldn't answer the hard and frost-bitten questions which lingered, questions Zach grudgingly cast aside. He loosened his tie, because it felt like it was choking him.

“Where’s your pack now?” Zach shivered, glancing back at the deer and thinly suppressing the trembling sensation which twitched up his spine. Probably it was from the cold, or perhaps it was because flies were beginning to swarm into the open wound, eating away at it like old fruit. Their dreary buzzing filled what used to be silence, aggressively fighting for their share. It was disgusting. The deer looked back at Zach with its large, sad eyes, imploring him in a way logic couldn’t. So he sighed gruffly and pulled off his coat, throwing it over the deer’s. Then Zach quickly turned away and cast a sharp look down the one-way street, reminding himself that, any moment now, the police would be here. Any moment now—

Suddenly a hand closed over his mouth, and pulled him back.


Anonymous said...

kidnap! murderer! serial killer! stalker!
creepy much. jeez, i dont even know what to say to this...
i just hope he's okay!


Anonymous said...

oh wow
gentry and mike in the bathroom. mikey knows! this is all going by so fast! it's awesome! haha. glad that you've finally posted. it's been foreverrrr.
zach's determination is really inspiring I know I could never do a thing like that.
you better post soon though. I'm really anxious to know who pulled him in the woods. Although, I do have a couple of guesses.