Friday, June 13, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 17: Part 1

Note: Sorry for the delay in updates. Finals were hellish this year, but that e-mail made my week. Thank you.

Drama usually started out of boredom.
Few people were more bored than Kylie. She sat listlessly in the gym, eyes bulging, one hand in her stick-straight hair, bottom lip pushed out and upper lip sucked in. School was boring. She was writing an article for the school newspaper, where she wrote the Opinion column. But she didn’t have any opinions. She was only writing it so she could apply to Vassar when the time came. Then she would be a Fashion writer!!! Yaaaay!
But until then… well, well-behaved ladies never made history.
She had told that to Gentry once, only to receive the unenthusiastic reply,
“History shouldn’t repeat itself.”
Haha, how witty. Witty guys were great, because sense of humor was an important thing to have in a partner. Sense of humor, sex appeal and a gorgeous set of eyes. A person who would be there for you, a real man who could take care of his woman… a knight in shining armor who would carry you off into the sunset and be the jewel on your arm. That was the purpose of a good boyfriend. To be there for YOU, to be everything YOU wanted and more.
She didn’t really think Gentry was gay, even though Sydney practically yelled at her that it was “fucking obvious!”
“Look, Kylie. Do you remember that time he pansed Zach in the pool? He was giving him head underwater! It was freaking obvious, but no one even commented on that! And all those times they were in the shower together. Besides that, he never showed any interest in a girl! He drinks pink milk!”
“Hey, hold on now.” Mike spoke up, although he could have cared less for the freckle monster who’d stolen his date to only the most important event of his high school existance, “I know his parents. They’re religious, they never let him date. He told me that, anyway.”
“Yeah, and did you ever see him hit on a guy?” asked Kylie.
“Fuck yeah I did---” Sydney’s eyes bulged with barely suppressed desperation.
“…Besides Zach?”
“No.” he grumbled.
“Then maybe it was just a dream.”
“Why would I dream those things! I’m not a faggot!”
Kylie secretly thought Sydney was gay. He had to be. And it was her job to nurse/shove him out of the closet…
“Don’t use that word. Some of my best friends are gay. The people who designed my clothes are gay.”
“And I like your clothes.” Mike nodded.
“Yeah Syd, and you think everything is gay. Like bananas and nuts…” Ethan pointed out.
“Fuck, why are you defending that freak!”
“Because. I went to high school with him.” Said Mike, “He never showed any sign of being one of those people.”
“I’m taking him to the prom to verify that.” Kylie swore with an animated air of saintly virtue, as Mike grimaced with unspoken woe, “I’m going to ask him next week.”
“Why? I mean, that’s taking it a bit far…”
“Because. I’m sick of all this drama, this needs to be settled once and for all. Then we’ll know what he really is.”
Mike groaned inwardly.
“Can’t we just ask?”

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havent been on for a while myself (just finished finals today! =])
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