Friday, June 13, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 17: Part 2

Without Zach, the GSA was a boring place.
The Estonian, crude and big-mouthed as he was, was excellent for generating conversation. Hell, if there was an impossible mess you could get yourself into, Zach blazed the trails in how to get your ass stuck in it. Without him, the GSA held a pregnant silence which could yield only one thing.
“Did you hear who’s tutoring Zach?”
Casey lisped it out with a dry comfort, leaning back tiredly from his after-lunch time stupor, one hand patting the empty tub of mac and cheese beside him.
“Who?” chewed Felix, eyes lit and wide awake since gossip was the only thing which made him remotely worthwhile talking to.
“Gentry Lee Johnson.”
Mikey raised his eyebrows, “Ohh… He didn’t tell me.”
“Hmm.” A a sly grin spread over Casey’s face, “That’s suspicious.”
“Nah. I trust Zach.”
Felix responded with a wry look, “I wouldn’t. You know what they say. Homophobia is gay, and Gentry is one heck of a homophobe.”
“Yeah, he’s a weird one.” Casey drawled, “We used to be friends, you know, before he became a prep. He’s so lost, I really feel for him. You never know what closeted guys will do.”
“He’s ugly.” Said Mikey, with a sense of finality, “I don’t think Zach will go back to that when he has me.”
“He’s not bad-looking.” Felix conceded awkwardly, which earned him a hateful look from Mikey.
“Felix... I respect your view, but I think you need to get your vision checked. He has scars and freckles everywhere. Even his hair’s freckle-colored. I saw him in one swim match, and wished he would wear one of those body-suites. I’m not saying he’s a bad person. He’s just lost and confused. But in comparison to me…” Mikey chortled and let his soft, too-polite voice trail off.
Suddenly, Kylie strutted in, loudly slamming the door behind and yelling out, “Heyyyy!”
“Hey Kylie!” Casey exclaimed with a high, cheery overtone, “So you’re taking Gentry to the prom, hmm?”
“You bet I am.”
“Even if you have to drag him,” Casey drawled with a purr at his voice, at which Kylie laughed sharply.
“Yeah gurrrl, do your thing.” He lisped, snapping his fingers, “Ohhh. By the way. He’s tutoring Zach now.”
“Oh my God, he is?”
Mikey grinned and rolled his eyes, then drawled.
Felix blurted out,
“They’re probably fucking like rabbits.”

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Anonymous said...

is Zach the only person/thing they have to talk about? lol
i dont think someone tutoring someone they used to go out with is that big of a deal, but then again, thats just me