Monday, July 28, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 18: Part 7

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He went home after practice that day, and saw Mikey quickly kiss Zach goodbye.
That ass wasn’t good enough for him. If Zach would have found himself a decent boyfriend, that would have been another story. Zach needed someone he could grind up against, not this pussy.
This guy—
Whatever. There was no use complaining. Zach would just keep doing what he needed to do, no matter how baffling that was. Fine.

Zach climbed into his mother’s car, giving Mikey a small wave goodbye. Mikey grinned, then spotted Gentry while turning to leave in the other direction.

He had always been baffled by this choice… Of all people, why a closeted freckle monster? Mikey decided he was a much better choice, since he was intelligent and sensetive, not a thick-skulled jock. What Zach had ever found in that lump of boy Mikey found downright baffling.

Their eyes met across the courtyard.
And it was at that moment that Mikey decided to ruffle his feathers, so he winked at him.

Gentry said nothing; he just turned and walked to the crossing, waiting right by the bus stop.
When Mikey passed, he shoved him into a bush.


Anonymous said...

idk why, but that bush part was like...extremely, hysterically funny to me lol
its like gentry will be all calm from a distance but as soon as you get close enough...
that was a good one


Antony said...

haha...god your subtly is sooo good.

I love this story i check up on it religiously.