Sunday, July 6, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 18: Part 3

Note: Sorry for the late update! 4th of July got crazy.

The Save the Congo poster was prominently displayed on the door, the pride of the Greek teacher (who had never visited Africa on account that Hawaii was a better place to vacation.) Zach stared back into the eyes of the skinny black kid in the photo, wondering if he was really from the Congo or just selected on the basis of looking pathetic.
In the background Mikey’s smoky voice hummed on, smoothly conversing with the Greek teacher:
“I thought that was a great story. Greek culture is fascinating to me.”
“Yes, and the translator for this edition is good. He also translated The Aenid.”
“Yeah… oh, isn’t that by Virgil?”
“Yes, you’ve read it?”
“I read excerpts of it… on my own, since I’m considering to study abroad in Greece someday. I gained a lot from reading The Aenid… it was very interesting, now I can see why the Greeks are so respected. In fact, it inspired me to see Zorbas the Greek.”
“Zorbas! What a great film…”
“---Yeaaah. I really related to it. It brought over the richness of Greek culture…”
Zach stood by the door and watched, one foot arched inwards and head slung to one side--- Bored within an inch of life. Mikey had been talking to the AP Lit teacher for what felt like eternity, showering her with enough compliments to leave her smelling freshly seduced.
“You’re into Greek culture? Since when?” Zach thought to himself.
But he grudgingly contended that you did what you had to. Grades were Your Future, and it wasn’t right to impose into anyone’s future. That defied the rule of free will, and not even God had the right to do that. Still, Zach privately designated this boot-lickery as prime rate bullshit.
“Yeah, I’m even considering to take Greek next year.”
“Are you? Then you should know there are two classes. Greek One and Greek Literature…”
“Which one are you teaching?”
After fifteen minutes of mutual admiration of the wonderful contributions of the Greeks to mankind, Mikey hugged her goodbye and trailed out the door with Zach at his side.

“Wow,” Zach said, unable to hide his un-enthusiasm, “you really love Greek culture.”
“Well, we can learn a lot from the Greeks.”
“Like flattery?”
“Hey now, don’t get cute. I meant generally. They’re as classic as Shakephere.”
“Shakesphere’s old. That’s all classic means. Old. And the only thing old things are good for is being replaced by new ones.”
Mikey just smiled, “Hey. Why don’t you show up to GSA meetings anymore?”
Zach smoldered in silence, wishing Mikey would have told him “What are you saying? That’s crazy.” Sometimes he flung stupid things at him on purpose, just to get a reaction. And when none came, it riled him. Other times, he wished Mikey would hit him. Hard. Tell him he was worthless and then storm off and go fuck some other guy. At least then he’d have a reason to hate him, rather than just rely on a vague feeling of uneasiness in his gut. There was something wrong, but what? Nothing, and that didn’t make any sense.
Zach grudgingly became aware that Mikey was still staring at him, patiently waiting for an answer. With evident hesitation, Zach dug his hands into his pockets and gawked forward, turning Mikey’s question over in his brain.
“You want to know why I don’t show up to meetings?” he heatedly thought to himself, wondering how to translate the disgust he had such a hard time rationalizing into coherent wording. But the silence went on too long, so he just shrugged thoughtlessly and replied, “I’m busy.”
“With what?”
The Spanish teacher wobbled by on her way to the office, ass up in the air. Zach watched her go, the words “like a bitch in heat” sparking in his mind. He casually wondered if a dog in suit was still a dog. Then he turned to Mikey and asked,
“How’s the GSA presidency thing going?”
“I’m glad you asked. It’s a very rewarding experience.”
“It looks good on a college app.” added Zach, somewhat listlessly.
“Yeah, it does. But I’m not just doing it for that--- I really care about the GSA.”
“Well, you’re gay. Figures.”
“Yeah. But hey,” Mikey smiled wanly, “you’re gay too. Drop by if you ever have time, we have some new posters that need to be hung up.”
“I’d rather not.”
“Hah, well, every little bit helps our cause. So, Zach. After Nationals is over… are you going with anyone to the Prom?”
“No.” Zach paused, then turned to him and levelly added, “But you want to ask me, right?”
“Yep. No one in the history of Kennedy High has ever brought another guy as a date to the prom.” Mikey grinned, “What do you say?”
“All right.”
“Sweet. Oh… wait.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a woven bracelet, “I was thinking about you in in Art this morning. It’s prom colors… Just so you remember.”
Zach wordlessly let Mikey raise his hand and tie the blue-on-white-on-gray bracelet above the GSA one, and murmured a thanks when he pulled away.
“You’re welcome. Bye Zach.”
“Bye.”Mikey grinned and pulled Zach back, biting his shoulder then kissing him heatedly.

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