Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 18: Part 4

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When it came to pigs, Gentry preferred the stuffed variety.
The faggot had arrived with Mikey by his side, kissing him goodbye before pulling open the door and suavely sliding in. Things did not always add up for Gentry, though if there was one thing that was certain, it was that one way or another his feelings raced ahead of his judgement. So he fumed at first glance, tearing off the GSA poster taped to the library window. The tape clung to his fingers, while the other half of the poster remained stuck to the glass. With impatient distaste, he yanked both off and noisily crumpled the scraps into his palm before hurling them into the trash, minutes before Zach unceremoniously thrust the door open.

“Don’t bring that next time.”

It slammed behind him.
Zach jerked his head back and raised raised his eyebrows at Gentry’s sour expression, “What?”
“Your boy-friend.” Gentry grumbled, turning away. “And shove the attitude.”
“The only attitude here is yours.” Zach replied bluntly, taking his seat and setting his book on the table, “I’m not dumping Mikey just because you don’t like him… and I’ll bring him when I want to. You don’t own me.”
“Who’d want to own you?”
“Nothing.” Gentry scoffed dismissively, as if he could care less. “If you’re going to bring that fag here, then at least don’t suck face.”
“All right.”
“Finished the book?”
“---You know, straights make out in public all the time, and no one says anything.”
“Yeah, and gays can be trashy too. You made your point.”
Zach fell silent.
“So. Can we change the subject?” Gentry’s mumbly grumbly voice still simmered with agitation, “Your essay---”
“You’re really the last person who should be bashing PDA.”
“Public Displays of Affection.”
“That wasn’t affection.” Gentry scoffed, “It was public display of affliction. He was mauling your face, and it was disgusting to watch.”
“You were watching?”
Gentry peered back at him, and shrugged unapologetically.
“Feh." said Zach, "You probably had your face to the glass--- I’m not surprised though. The only thing I’m surprised at is how self-rightous and offended you are. Really, coming from you! You can’t even have sex in bed like a normal person.”
“Yeah, so?” Gentry drawled with a note of resentment, “I like public sex. But not when Mikey’s attempting it.”
“…Just when you’re doing it.”
“I do it better.”
“Then you’re hypocritical and jealous.” Zach said in the matter-of-fact way a doctor delivered a diagnosis, or a news reporter covered the forecast. Then he sharply took out his pencil and clicked it repeatedly, ignoring the ground-levelling look Gentry aimed at him.
“Jealous?” he echoed, as if surprised, “Of what?”
“You like me.”
“Not as much as I dislike him. He kisses like a human vacuum cleaner.”
“You wouldn’t know, you’re not kissing him.”
“Yeah. And it’s a good thing, too. It looks painful.”
That couldn’t be resisted.
Gentry was a trooper, all right. He didn’t dole it out if he couldn’t take it.
Despite himself, Zach smiled.


Anonymous said...

haha!!! a smile!!!
we have a break through, we have a connection!!
now all they gotta do is admit their love to each other and live happily ever after hehe =P
i think Gentry's entitled to be jealous
he IS watching someone else all over HIS man
that would get the better of anyone in secret, unadmitted love
still waiting for the love!


Anonymous said...

Summer's a time for being lazy, but that's no excuse for not writing!