Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 2

The flash went off, and Zach blinked the light from his eyes. Mikey eyed the picture of them close together, then said, “Again.”
Zach sighed and kissed him on the cheek, holding it in place while Mikey shot a second picture.
“Better?” he asked quietly, as he drew away.
Mikey stalled. He turned over the camera, leaned in, zoomed out, cocked his head then nodded curtly.
“Yeah. I’ll put this one on my blog.”
“All right.”
These days, Zach didn’t talk much to Mikey. But they still held hands, and once in a while he would even attend a GSA fundraiser. Logically enough, he deduced that Mikey was the good guy and victim here. What to do about it… well, he wasn’t sure. That gnawing in his gut told him to like him, to feel sorry for him. But fact was, he didn’t. And that made no sense, but yeah, that wasn’t the first thing in his life that didn’t make sense.
“You know,” Mikey murmured, still eying his camera display, “Kylie’s taking Gentry to the prom.”
Zach raised his eyebrows, and point-blankly asked,“Yeah?”
“Gentry agreed to that?” he couldn’t help but snigger at the thought of it, although Mikey remained dead serious.
“Apparently.” He replied, as he briefly glanced up.
“Hey Mikey!” Casey called out, cruised between them. Kylie was at his heels, texting on her cellphone. She seemed as intent on ignoring Zach as Zach was on ignoring her. So perhaps Zach slept with Gentry, but that didn’t mean Gentry was gay. Maybe he was just curious or something, and Zach wasn’t so ugly (even though he wasn’t that hot, either.)
Zach had nothing to say to them, so he remained quiet. Mikey grinned, and just then put his arm around Zach’s shoulders.
“I didn’t see Zach at the GSA fundraiser last time. Hey Zach, why didn’t you show? You should have.”
Zach leered at him ripely, but Casey didn’t wait for a reply and simply lisped on, “Oh my God. Mikey, I just realized something. I don’t know if you’re planning on running for the Valedictorian or not. Are you? I mean, technically, you have enough credits to graduate early.”
“I am. Because yeah, I do.”
“Well, if you graduate the same year as I do, then Kylie will have to run the GSA.”
Mikey stalled, his lips gaping and eyes frozen.
“… oh.”
Casey laughed, “Yeahhh.”
Zach felt a pang of annoyance. Kylie as GSA President? Why didn’t he see that coming. Well, they'd earned it. Hah! She barely attended any of the meetings, she never ran a club, she didn't even hang up a single poster. That club was going down! Well, this was not a good thing. And it wasn’t the second time something in his life that didn’t make sense… but this time he was as angry about it as he was pleased.
“Mikey, I know you felt passionate about the GSA and all…” said Casey with a lengthy drawl, “but fact is, you’ll have to choose what’s more important. Graduating early, or sticking with the GSA.”
“I already sent out my college applications.” Mikey said in a softly, discreetly, “Why can’t Kylie take over?”
Casey, Mikey, and Zach stared at Kylie, who was now absent-mindedly chattering away on her cellphone a few feet away. Zach glared at Casey with a knowing “what were you thinking” look, which went unnoticed.
Mikey abruptly said, “Ok. Well, then I’ll just see if I win Valedictorian first. And then, depending on my college transcripts, I’ll decide if staying is worth it.”
“What about the club? Don’t you care about what happens to the gays here?” asked Zach, just a little meanly.
“Hm. Well, Zach, you’ll still be here… maybe you could stick around and show Kylie some— maybe we can promote you to secretary?”
“I don’t have the time.” Said Zach, flatly, “The club got along fine without me so far. Kylie won the position, and I’m sure that someone as capable as Kylie has no need for me.”
Mikey breathed a heavy sigh.
“Look, Casey. Zach. I care about gay rights. I’m going to fight for them in college, too. You know… I didn’t think about this. Didn’t we have someone else? What about Felix?”
Casey remained silent, so Mikey finally said,
“I’ll just wait to see if I got into Yale. If not, I’ll stay.”
Casey grinned, “Yeah, though something you might want to keep in mind— If you said you were head of the GSA in your college app, then you technically cheated.”


Anonymous said...

hmm interesting
im guessing this spices things up for the GSA members


Anonymous said...

My oh my, Mikey's planning on an early graduation...
Zach is so still pissed off about the GSA thing, you can tell
and eberyones trying to ignore it but you really kinda cant
cuz it is zach