Friday, September 5, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 3

Some people could say they were seduced.
Zach was not one of those people.
The librarian typically clocked out around one, and relied on the janitor to close up the library. Technically, school rules stated that she had to stay until 4:00. But no one ever went into the library at four. Not even the janitor, who arrived at 6:30 to lock the door.

Zach’s shirt fell on an empty chair.

He would wait for him sometimes. Arriving early and eager, pressed up against the desk with an uneasy look on his face, and a hard dick in his pants. He usually made the first move. A kiss, a lingering touch, a heated embrace— wanting to hold him close despite the guilt that fluttered in his stomach and pounded at his gut.
If he were more na├»ve, he would have fanaticized about dumping Mikey and taking Gentry as his boyfriend; but knowing Gentry, the very idea was ridiculous. You didn’t keep people like Gentry around as boyfriends. Hell, you didn’t expect relationships from them— Zach fell for him, that was that. You couldn’t choose to fall. Yet just because you loved someone didn’t mean that a relationship would work.

Gentry’s shirt followed, yet he didn’t wait to see it land--- instead he firmly pulled Zach against his chest and kissed him deeply, sliding a hand into his dark hair.
Then, he paused.
“I told you not to wear hairgel.”
“If I don’t wear hairgel,” Zach replied breathlessly, breaking the kiss, “my hair will have no shape.”
“If you wear hairgel, it feels like plastic.” Came the unenthusiastically murmured reply.
“Do I style my hair just so that you can run your fingers through it?”
Gentry exhaled and turned Zach around, shoving him front-first against the table.
“No more talking.” He pinned one hand behind Zach’s back, and softly sucked on the area between the neck and shoulder. When Zach mewled, Gentry’s heart skipped a beat and he kissed him on the lips.
Gentry groaned as he pulled away.
“Sorry… the piercing....”
He calmly cupped the side of Zach’s face and looked it over.
“It’s swollen. Shit. Take it out before it gets infected.”
“Taking it out defeats the point of putting it in.”
Gentry rolled his eyes and undid Zach’s fly, sliding a hand into his boxers.
“Crap, wait.” Zach pulled away, “These are my nice boxers.”
The redhead stood there, tired-eyed and unamused.
“Nice boxers? They look like your other boxers.”
“Yes, but they cost more. I forgot to wear the other kind… shit.”
“It’s nice to know you save the cheap boxers for me.”
“No, that isn’t it.” Zach drawled, “These are cotton. They soak in the smell, so I don’t wear them when we, you know.”
“You can predict when we…”
“No, but there’s always the probability…” an awkward pause, “…when you’re around. You know what I mean.”
Gentry looked to him with helpless exasperation.
“…What is the point of buying boxers you’re just---”
“You use them if you want to make an impression. They have better form.”
“How many people do you have to impress?” murmured Gentry, moving up behind him to kiss the back of his neck, “Me, your so-called boyfriend…”
Zach sighed, as Gentry’s hand traced down his stomach, and one finger dug into the waistline of his boxers to pull them down.
“…” Gentry paused suddenly, “This is new.”
“What? Did I hurt you?”
“No... Just don’t touch that area.”
Gentry slid one arm under Zach’s right leg and eased it onto the table, then whispered in his ear, “Next time, wait until you actually have something to shave…”
“Hah, hah. Very funny.”
Gentry, who was never one to let off, nipped at his earlobe and whispered, “You’re becoming such a faggot.”
“Faggot?” Zach spat as Gentry positioned himself between his thighs, “You’re gay. Do I really need to point that out?”
Gentry cupped his mouth again, taking care to curve his palm so it wouldn’t hit the sore piercing.
“…No. But if you get a lisp, I won’t fuck you anymore.”
Zach bit him, which resulted in Gentry forcibly shoving him down against the table.
“No… biting.” he breathed in his ear, holding him down and pinning one arm behind his back.


Anonymous said...

a library...of all places
well, the whole librarian leaving early explains a lot
i was begining to wonder how no one heard or saw
and he admit it! he DOES LOVE GENTRY! bout time...
they'll work out something
Gentry's the relationship kind only if his other half is gonna be Zach =]


Anonymous said...

haha great post!!
it kinda seems awkward (not for me, but for them),
but i'm sure you didn't mean for it to be that way