Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 19: Part 10

note: Sorry for the lack of regular updates! I needed to work out my new schedule for the quarter (craaaazy.) Updates will now be on the regular days. Thanks for your comments. They mean a lot!

Most days, the only acknowledgment that he wasn’t dreaming was the gnawing in his gut and the ringing in his ears, a constant static in his mind. Grinding away at him like waves at the shore, contaminating his actions by seeping into his thoughts. It had been a long day, and the dusk had already settled. Sunlight filtered through the library window, its fading rays illuminating the dust which floated over the little corner of the room, over Gentry’s hair and cheekbones. He had positioned himself between the walls, tightly pressed between the edges, with arms crossed stiffly over his chest. Nearly motionless.
His damp skin still stung red with weakening arousal, the fever which ebbed from him through measured breaths.

He had been silent. So silent Zach had nearly forgotten he was there, much less noticed he had been watching him intently for the past ten minutes. And when he finally spoke up, Zach couldn’t help by jumped a little.
“Why’d you wear those again?”
“Huh? Wear what?”
“Girl jeans.” Gentry murmured, every so often sucking on the bite Zach had given him. Goddamed faggot. Even when he wasn’t talking, that mouth was trouble.
“Because I can.” Zach replied unthinkingly, as he reached under the table for his friendship bracelet. He knew how that got there.
Gentry cocked his head to watch him. At least the view was nice, he idly thought to himself, as he watched him stand up again and tug the god-damned girl jeans back up over his hips.
“I like you better naked.”
“I know.”
“Did you also know that girl jeans are for girls?”
“Yeah, I did. And did you know that having a penis makes you male?”
“If you keep wearing those tight pants, you’ll be infertile.”
“You heard me.”
“No, I didn’t. Because you mumble so often that every time you open your mouth, it sounds like your words are having an orgy.”
Gentry snorted in contempt, and didn’t give a retort. This disappointed Zach, who waited for one. So finally, he turned to look at him.
“You’re not funny.”
“And you’re grumpy.”
“You make it easy.”
Zach cast him a mock-sour look, sauntered over to his corner, and effeminately slid one hand over his thigh.
“I am funny.” he said keenly, then flashed a boyish grin in response to Gentry’s perpetual surliness, “And if I was such a girl, you wouldn’t be fucking me.”
The answer was a slap to the face and a mumbled order to “Quit being such a faggot.”
Zach shoved him in return and bristled, “Fuck Kylie if you don’t like it!”


Anonymous said...

great post!!
can't wait for more


Anonymous said...

these are the kinds of moments i love!
the end was funny, to me at least. maybe just cuz i know their personalities so well and how'd they sound, look, etc
but it was funny
made me giggle =]

great post as always mi amor!

(Got i think two or three new chaps of The Suicide Club and will soon be putting up Cutter! XD exciting, no?)