Friday, November 2, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 6: Part 5

Gentry was always the one who bullshitted everyone. But what it built on bullshit doesn't just stink--- it sinks. Where do you turn when you isolate all your true friends?

The subway station was coldest right around five AM.
Gentry had spent the night on the cement bench, and waited six hours for a friend who didn’t arrive. And now there was no friend, no hope, and no place to sleep for the night.
Six hours. Six hours just to spend the night sleeping on the bench next to the homeless.
Disgusting. But he was not a bum; he was accepted to Princeton.
“Hey, you hungry?”
Gentry glared at the homeless man who was holding out a piece of bread and shot back, “No.”
He shivered and carefully took the phone off the hook, dialing Casey’s number.
Casey’s voice answered the phone with a bright, “Hello?”
“Hi, Casey.” It was a last resort, but even Casey was better than a subway bench.
“Hey hun, How are you?”
“Bad.” Gentry cringed as he watched the homeless man dig through the trash and eat the day-old fries he found there, “Things aren’t going great with my parents.”
Casey sighed sympathetically, “All I can say is I was in a bad place once, and it’s sad that you’re in one now.”
“Right. Listen. Can I stay at your place for the night?”
“Aw, sorry hun. Can’t do anything for you. My mom hates visitors. She hates cleaning after them.”
“Oh.” his eyes darkened with grim understanding, “I have to go. I might not be able to call for a while.”
Gentry heaved a sigh. He knew Casey wasn’t going to ask any more questions.
“I got into Harvard!”
“That’s nice, Casey.”
“Oh my GOD, I know. I was so nervous!”
“Really. Good for you. It’s good to know the essay I wrote for you got you in.”
“Yeah. Where are you going to college?”
“I’m not telling anyone because it’s elitist to brag about where you’re going to college.”
“… oh. That bad, huh? Well, gotta go. Hope things work out. I’ll pray for you.”
The phone clicked on the other end and Gentry slammed down the receiver.

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