Friday, November 23, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 7: Part 7

Gentry left the office with a pensive look on his ghost white face. The ground seemed to shake, so he sat down and buried his head in his hands. He could feel Zach’s eyes on him, but wasn’t in the mood to answer the questions they held for him.
“I might not see you again.” He murmured, “It was nice knowing you.”
Zach’s eyes narrowed; he looked away for a moment then back at the redhead.
“Wait, why---”
“Zach Tyler.”
Ms.Nasty stood in the doorway, motioning at him with a stern face and one finger.
Zach sighed listlessly and pulled himself to his feet and into her office. As always, she didn’t close the door all the way. When Mr.Nilla entered, he threw it wide open.
Gentry sighed and slouched in his chair, resting his freckled arms on his lean stomach. Casting an irritable glare at the clock, he observed class would end in five minutes and it was pointless to go back now. His restless gaze then shifted to the documents around him, which he swore he would burn the moment Nilla finalized his transfer. Or, at the very least, he would throw them from the school rooftop and let the wind organize them. And, if he still had the chance, he would also delete every digital file he could get his hands on. Although he wasn’t brave enough to call Nilla and the office bureaucracy just what they were, this would more than get the point across.
There it was, the sound of plastic buzzing against wood.
Gentry raised one eyebrow and his eyes lit as he sharpened his ears to detect where the sound was coming from.
Buzz.There it was again. A small pink cellphone was buzzing on the table beside him. It was new and shiny, with the name K Y L I E spelled out in pink rhinestones. Gentry picked it up, glanced around to see if anyone was watching him, then flipped it open.

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