Friday, November 30, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 7: Part 9

“Hm. It appears so,” Ms.Nasty drawled, “Can you take over this?”
“Sure can.” Mr.Nilla laughed dryly, even though there was nothing to laugh about. Zach averted his eyes in annoyance as Ms.Nasty pulled herself up from the squeaky leather chair and left the room.
“You know... Zach. If you were my son, I would not tolerate this kind of behavior.”
“I’m glad I’m not your son.”
Mr.Nilla chuckled beefily, “You should be. If you were, I would throw out all your clothes and burn them.”
“I bet you do that with books, too.”
“Watch how you address me, Zach. I expect you to respect me.”
“You don’t do anything that deserves respect.”
Mr.Nilla’s eyes bulged and he stood up, slapping his hands on the table.
“Your clothes are seriously jeopardizing the quality of education at this school.” He said loudly.
“Then the quality of education is very low.”
“What was that?”
Zach cringed at his loud voice. Here was the office wilderbeast, roaring his problems out for all to hear.
“You heard me.” Zach countered, “This is bullshit and you should be focusing on real problems. Where were you when the Senior Swim team rigged the freshmen teams’ competition? I think you and Ms.Nasty care more about fashion than I do.”
“If you don’t like the rules, then don’t go to this school. WE do not need you, but YOU need us.”
“I don’t have a choice, I just go here to learn. But I’d rather be home-schooled than get pushed around by appropriately-dressed bullies. I’m comfortable in these clothes and I didn’t do anything wrong, what IS the issue? Do you get paid to look busy?”
Mr.Nilla lost it.
The papers fell from the table and Zach gasped as he pulled himself to his feet. Angrily, Mr.Nilla cornered him against the desk and threatened,
“Put on that shirt or I will contact your parents!”
“I don’t care! Contact them, tell them you pulled me out of class, too!”
Mr.Nilla pulled away, “Oh, I will contact them. And don’t forget to show up for your THREE weeks worth of detentions!”
“You said one day of detention.”
“I never said that.”
Zach pointed to the cameras that adorned the walls, only to realized that… they weren’t blinking. What the hell?“The cameras in the office don’t work.” Nilla pointed out with a smarmy satisfaction, “I expect you to show up for every day of detention.” He flicked his pen and handed him another piss yellow note.

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