Monday, November 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 7: Part 8

“Zach Tyler.” Ms.Nasty said, easing into her desk but keeping her gaze locked on Zach, “Do you have a t-shirt with you? Perhaps, under all those pullovers you are wearing?”
She took a deep, irritated breath, “Your clothing makes me uncomfortable. Dark, baggy clothes are only appropriate for gangsters.”
“I’m not a gangster.”
“But you look like one and it distracts other students, and encourages teasing.”
“If I was a gangster, they wouldn’t be teasing me.” Zach paused, “If at all they act like gangsters, and you should call them into your offi---”
“I’m not going to argue with you about this, Zach. I will do I what tell you, because your clothes give the school a bad reputation. I expect to see you tomorrow in jeans and a t-shirt, which is appropriate wear for a student.”
“But I dress this way because I’m comfortable, and if I’m not comfortable I won’t work well! Isn’t working well the point of school?”
“I am not going to---”
“And to work well, shouldn’t people should accept each others’ differences instead of forcing everyone to fit one ideal?”
“I’m not going to discuss fashion with you.”
“This isn’t about fashion!” Zach fumed.
Ms.Nasty stood up, walking to the ‘lost and found’ closet in the corner of her room. She pulled out a ‘school pride’ t-shirt, and showed it to Zach, “You are going to wear this. Right now.”
“Then I’m giving you a detention. Your choice.”
“I don’t force you to change your clothes even though I don’t like them. I might look like a gangster, but you’re acting like one. People have bullied me to get their way before. I won’t let you bully me, too.”
“Change or sit in detention. Your choice.”
“That’s bullshit!”
“I am---”
The muted ring of a telephone stopped her mid-sentence. Her mouth formed a neat “o,” and for a moment a pensive silence reigned over the room.“I believe,” Mr.Nilla, who had been sitting quietly, supervising the meeting, spoke up, “that’s from your office, Nasty.”

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