Friday, April 4, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 13: Part 7

“Rainbow knights again?”
“Yes.” Zach slapped the poster on the bricks and taped down the corners, “I’m winning. You and your homophobes are getting demotivated. I figured out that every time you tear down one poster, I hang up two more.”
“Who said I was behind this?”
“You aren’t doing anything to stop them.”
“Because it’s not my place. I’m captain of the swim team, not protector of the faggots.”
“Coming from one, that’s pathetic. Don’t team leaders have to set the example?”
“No.” Came the dismissive reply.
“Just fuck off, all right? What you did to Mikey was wrong, and I’m more than tempted to beat you up.”
“Go ahead, give in to temptation.” Gentry leaned against the handicap rail by the library door, picking up a poster.
“Is anyone else hanging these up?”
“Yeah,” Zach drawled irritably, “in fact, Mikey---”
“---left three hours ago. Thought you’d want to know.”
“You thought wrong. I don’t care.”
“You should.” Gentry interjected, “He’s going to take credit.”
“Why do you care, Protector of the Homophobes?”
A strong arm hooked around his waist and hot breath tickled his ear, “Because there are better things you could be doing.”
“None of them include doing you.” Zach murmured as he shoved him away.
That wouldn’t bring anything, and he knew it. You couldn’t end a shoot-out through a shove anymore than you could stop a war with a bullet or love with a kiss. But despite understanding this and predicting what would follow, he fumed inwardly as he sensed Gentry leisurely walking along the side of the library, watching, scrutinizing with those smoldering dark eyes of his. Irritating. Like the nagging feeling in his gut and the heavy-as-lead thumping of his heart.

“God, Gentry, when did you become bipolar? One day you threaten to break my face, the next you’re like this.”

“I get bored of always doing the same thing.”
“You should be schizophrenic, then; not OCD. Why aren’t you expelled?”
“Why so many questions?”
“According to the school rulebook, physical violence should get you expelled. You used physical violence on Mikey.”
“You don’t seem that torn up about it.”
“I am.” Zach insisted, his voice growing more strained with each word, “But that doesn’t matter, school rules aren’t based on whether or not I’m torn up. Rules should be followed, especially since someone got hurt.”
“I was suspended.”
“You should be happy Mikey didn’t sue you.”
“I’m not.”
“You won’t become Valedictorian now.”
“I know.”

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Anonymous said...

whats with all the anger? lol
ohhhh! waiting for the day those two will realize how much they love and need and miss eachother! *sigh*
oh yeah...its gonna happen