Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 13: Part 6

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“Nigga puleeeese!”
“Please don’t use the N word.” Drawled Casey.
“Why?” Felix laughed, “Zach’s not here.”
“I am of the opinion that we should ban the N word. Calling African Americans that is just giving people reasons to put down the South and making the Southern stereotype stronger. Not all blacks are bad...most, yeah. But not all.”
“Isn’t that racist, too?”
“No. Most blacks are bad because they live in the ghetto and don’t have the same opportunities we do. But there is no need to further ghetto culture. We need to encourage them to learn from us---”
At that moment, Zach flounced in, laughing and snickering with Mikey.
“Oh my God you two, you are SO late!” Casey snapped at them, clucking his tongue disapprovingly. There were more people at this meeting than was the norm, and now ten sets of eyes scrutinized the latecomers before some other distraction commanded their interest.
“I’m sorry,” said Zach, flush-faced as he took his seat, “I was hanging up posters. There are now posters in the girls’ bathroom, too. And inside the Senior Swim team lockers.”
“I helped.” Mikey added with a grin.
“Well. There are a lot of new visitors here,” Casey noted, as he eased his portly figure into his seat and passed around the sign-in sheet, “And that’s good. It’s always good to get support. Now, you might have seen the new posters Zach and Mikey put up, the ones advertising club positions? Yeah. We’re voting for two vice presidents and one club president in about a week. Now, you all know that I will be graduating this year…”
“We’ll miss you!” interrupted Kylie.
Casey grinned from ear to ear, “Yeah. Well. We’re voting for that, too. So, just prepare a little speech and bring it on Monday, mkay? Today, we’re making new posters. There’s butcher paper over there in the corner, next to the markers and art supplies.”
Zach’s hand shot into the air, “What’s on the poster?”
“I’m getting to that. We’ll be writing statistics of gay teen suicide, printing outsome posters on rainbow paper, and printing out pictures of the Kennedy mascot and coloring it rainbow.”
Zach’s shoulders slumped in disappointment, “That’s the same as last year. We always do that.”
“Well,” Casey furrowed his brow, “Do you have any better ideas?”
“We could just find pictures, or draw them, of people who don’t look typically gay. Like you know, teachers, firefights, everyday people. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I mean, people already get the rainbow thing since it’s been done so many times. And people already know we kill ourselves, and other depressive things. I think we come off as freaks because that’s all people see---”
“Get to the point.”
“I’m just saying we should find pictures of everyday people and put the GSA logo on the poster, maybe with one statistic or something like that. The diversity will shift attention away from gay stereotypes by showing that anyone can be gay and we’re still part of this society and like everyone else. It’ll also represent the straights in our club.”
The whole room fell silent, and then Casey groaned.
“Naaah. Too complicated.”
“It just is.”
Zach felt a twinge of frustration. That answer was not satisfactory, did not compute.
“But hey, let’s vote on it,” Casey drawled easily. “Whoever agrees with Zach, raise your hand.”
The room fell silent, and Zach noticed with awkward anger that his hand was alone in its cause.

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Anonymous said...

poor Zach
but knowing him he'll probably make his own posters anyway
or like...boycott the GSA or something lol
gotta love that Zach