Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 14: Part 2

Note: Mikey is not Mike. Mike is a member of the swim team who is crushing on Kylie, while Mikey is a member of the GSA as well as Zach's current boyfriend. Sorry for using such similar names!

Zach moved past Gentry, and they exchanged glares. Sydney walked in pace with Gentry, and
Mike shuffled a bit to keep up. Mikey limply pulled Zach into an embrace, and sniped one look at Gentry, who swiftly dodged it by looking the other way.
Ms.Nasty strut past them, gave Zach a lookover, then stopped dead in her tracks and snapped her fingers.
Zach looked to Mikey, then pulled away and sauntered to her.
“That outfit is very appropriate.”
Gentry leaned over to Mike and murmured, “Unlike her attitude.”
Mike shrugged it off, so Gentry reverted to stony silence as he scuttled past. Mike watched them sulkily, and Sydney tore off a GSA poster as he walked past. Zach licked his lower lip and replied,
“Thank you.”
“This is what I mean by an appropriate outfit. Do I make myself understood?”
Zach balked, “No.”
“What is there not to understand?”
“It’s hard to understand how you’re focusing on what I'm wearing when there are people with real problems in this school. Fixing the fashion won’t fix stress, depression, racism, elitism, or discrimination. Yet you’re out here everyday playing fashion police while the GSA posters are getting ripped down.”
“You will continue to wear appropriate clothes. If you can’t, I will see you in my office.”
“What the hell, you don’t even listen!”
Gentry overheard the conversation, and couldn’t help but crack a smile. Different clothes, same old Zach. He hoped Mikey shit his pants.
“Zach,” Mikey mewled, discreetly tugging on Zach’s arm, “come on, let’s go…”
“No.” Zach replied as he shoved him away and fixed his gaze on Nasty, “I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to dress to fit your whims. Your priorities are out of order!”
“Then I’ll see you in detention.”
Out of earshot, Gentry marveled to Sydney,
“I didn’t know you could even get detention for dressing appropriately.”
Sydney snorted in contempt, then took a look at Zach and grumbled ‘faggot.’
Gentry reverted back to disenchanted silence, and Mike hollered a greeting to Kylie as she passed; But, she didn’t hear it because she was gawking wide-eyed at Zach’s latest debaucle. Mike glowered and cursed “faggot” under his breath, just as the principal walked by.
Ms.Nasty turned briskly at first glance of The Principal, who strode through the court successfully avoiding eye contact with the lower subjects. He wore beige creased pants to be important, and a “fun” Hawaiian tie in honor of the upcoming cultural festival. Fun and important were two very important things to be, and the more he told himself that the clothes made the man, the more he liked his reflection. Fun and important.
Nasty’s low-heels clicked on the pavement as she paced up to him and grin through a firm-faced hello.
The Principal took a wide-mouthed bite of his Danish. The Spanish teacher waddled past in a tight skirt, raven-black hair blowing in the wind.

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should i expect something to happened with the spanish teacher? gentry gonna cross to the other side to piss off the principal for a while? lol

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