Monday, May 12, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 16: Part 2

The cafeteria buzzed with noise. An article was posted on the cafeteria’s Events board about how the Save the Congo club had raised $1,200 and learned that helping others was necessary to be a World Leader and get into a good college. Above the article was a photo of the grinning alliance, standing next to the principal with a shiny sticker on an expensive paper they had won in the World Leaders: Save the Congo Club fundraising competition. Later the principal would tell the local press that his school won a World Leaders competition, and people should move into the district if they, too, wanted to have children who would grow up to be world leaders. Next to the articles was an empty Save the Congo donation box. It would have had more money, but some some kid was a dollar short to afford a pint of Strawberry milk.
People ambled past the article, which had the headline of “Kennedy Club Helps Those Who Need It Most,” giving it jealous lookovers or wondering if it was not too late to get a leadership position.

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foreshawdowing something importante?