Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 16: Part 3

Note: Chapter 16 takes place over the course of one day. It will have 10 short and sweet parts!

On the far right side of the cafeteria, by the large bay windows, the Seniors table was abuzz with conversation.
“How’d Gentry get that bruise on his face?”
“He told me he was bored.”
“I can’t believe that.”
Sydney remained silent, picking at his food.
“… Hey, you know what I don’t believe? That Zach came back to class after that. Mr.Handson was all---”
“SHIT.” Sydney finally spat.
Ethan and Mike exchanged stupified looks.
“Shit what?” probed Ethan, with a half-laugh to bridge over any lingering bewilderment.
“Just shit.” Spewed Sydney, falling back into a grumbly silence as he picked at his food.
“Kylie wants to ask Gentry to the prom.” Ethan chirped up, to dissolve the overcast mood that was rapidly forming and spreading over the table.
“What?” Mike spat.
“Hey… Did you see the tits on that freshman over there?” Ethan grinned, pointing to a girl in the crowd.
“Yeah, but woah man she’s a butterface.” Said Mike.
“Then pass me a butter knife so I can spread some of that on my dick.” Sydney guffawed, only to have the others stare at him with bemused smiles.
“Man, do you even know what a butterface is?”
“No. What the hell is it?”
“Ask your mirror.”
“Ask your mom.”
“Fuck you.”
“She wasn’t that great,” interjected Mike, hesitantly but brashly enough to cover the hurt from learning that Kylie asked some freckle monster to the most important dance of his high school existence instead of him. “Cute tits but no ass.”
“I’d like a piece of that no ass!” Ethan exclaimed, slapping the table with his palm, “My dick got rigormortis just looking at her. I want to poke my boner into that until---”
Sydney groaned, falling back in his seat, “Shit!”
“Just shit! Shit shit shit.”
“Stop shitting us, what the fuck did you see in the bathroom.”

“Shit man, nothing, but I hate him so much. He gets me so fucking mad that sometimes I wanna fuck him hard in the ass.”

At sudden realization of what he’d said, Sydney turned bright red in the face and exclaimed, “He’s the faggot! Not me! I’d hit that chick, too, hit her until my dick falls off.”
Mike chortled, and Sydney demanded, “What’s so funny?”
“Syd, chill, we know you’re not gay. And everyone knows Zach is.”
“Of course Zach is. What else is new?”
“Yeah Syd, what did he do? Either say something or shut up.”
“Yeah, tell us already.”
“Did he hit on you?”
“Then what?”
“He’s a faggot, that’s what. And so is Gentry.”

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Anonymous said...

sydney needs to shut his face
like right now!
Gentry's gonna be all...ahhhhh!
omj omj...
this is NOT gonna end well