Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 16: Part 6

Ok, get this.” Kylie’s voice rang across the cafeteria, “My grandmother came home for her 91st birthday, and her spine is slowly disintegrating and collapsing in on itself.”
Zach sat in his lonely corner, unwilling to go to the GSA or sit with the Seniors. He picked at his food and listened as Jenny drawled out “ewww” and giggled.
“Oh my God,” said Kylie, “I know! I was like… why are you even here? I didn’t ask, of course, but I almost did. She told us about her disintegrating spine like six times, and over dinner. She’s in really bad shape… I was like, ok, what’s the point of you being here…”
“Yeah, that’s so gay,” murmured Mike, leaning over from the swim class table. Zach hadn’t heard him say those words, he’d just assumed it through Kylie’s overdone reaction. Beware the angered fag-hag.
Her eyes bulged as she promptly slung her feet over the bench, “Homophobia is gay.”
Mike recoiled, taken aback, and asked in his after-lunch stupor, “Wait, wouldn’t that mean gays are homophobes?”
The déjà vu hit him like a fever. Gentry almost slapped his forehead, and Zach groaned inwardly at the way Kylie squeaked back how homophobia was gay, but gays were not homophobic. Lords, some days…
“… ohh. Ok, I get it.”
“He doesn’t.” Gentry murmured with a sigh. It was quiet, a near-whisper, but Zach picked it up over the noise of the cafeteria. When you were really quiet, you could pull sounds apart and recycle them in your mind.
“No, I do.” Stressed Mike, “Kylie, I think it’s cool that you do what you believe in.”
“Awwe thanks you’re so sweet. I just think it’s important to respect people who are different, because we’re really all the same. We’re humans, and we should treat each other with the dignity everyone deserves.”
Gentry played with his food.
“No one deserves anything. They just want things.”
“… huh?” asked Kylie, ripping into one of Mike’s chicken nuggets.
Gentry shrugged nonchalantly, so she just laughed and went on.
“Well either way. Like, almost all my friends are gay. They’re fabulous. In fact, I want to get a gay roommate in college, because I think that might be better. We’d totally hit it off.”

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Anonymous said...

Gentry needs to tell them he's gay! He has too! You can tell its eating him up inside! He needs to come out and let his soul fly FREE!
no but really, something must be done about this. its so not working for him