Friday, May 16, 2008

Because You Suck: Chapter 16: Part 4

“You heard me,” contened Sydney, leveling the disbelief with a sneer, “Gentry had his tongue down that faggot’s throat.”
“Yeah, fuck--- oh, hey Gentry.”
“…Yeah… Hey.” Ethan sputtered as Gentry slid into his seat, followed by the rest of the team.
“Sup.” Replied Gentry, putting a straw in his strawberry milk, which now seemed particularily gay to Sydney’s unflinching glare.
Gentry unwrapped his straw and took a few half-hearted sips, before raising his eyes and tersely speaking up,
“Say something or stop staring.”
“Since when do you drink strawberry milk?”
“Every Friday since freshman year.”
Ethan laughed nervously, “Man… it’s pink.”
“Yeah, so?”
“Maybe he should be drinking the chocolate milk,” Sydney goaded, “that’s the kind he really likes.”
Gentry pulled his mouth off the straw, coolly glanced up and said, “I don’t tell you what to drink, so either shut up about it or fuck off.”
The other teammates exchanged uncomfortably unsure glances, until Kylie drifted by the table, slammed down her tray and slid next to Gentry, followed by Jenny and some other girl.
“Hey guys. Mind if we sit here?”
Mike’s features lit up, “Hey Kylie…”
“Hi Mike.”
“Kylie,” smirked Ethan, “you can sit next to Mike whenever you like.”
Mike laughed, “Don’t listen to Ethan. But… yeah, you can sit to me... if you ever need to. Uhh, so… you look nice today. What’s up?”
“Oh, not much, just some dumb Asian cut in line for me, so I couldn’t get the last strawberry milk.”
“Haha you’re so racist.”
Kylie blinked, “Um no, I’m really not.”
“Oh, uh, it’s ok, I think it’s sexy---”
“Oh my God Gentry, no, you got strawberry milk?”
Gentry took a big sip, “Yeah.”
“Can I have a taste?”
Gentry took a hearty gulp and slammed the milk on the table, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “I’m all out.”

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Anonymous said...

people do that to me all the time, the finishing whatever it is in front of me and then saying they dont have nay more
drives me crazy lol

Gentry's keeping his head pretty well in this situation...i mean, they didnt come out all blunt like "you're gay" but they are hinting...