Saturday, April 7, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 28

Sorry for missing my update on Friday! I took a nap and woke up Saturday. Anyway. Don't let just anyone borrow your pen ^_~:

No air ever smelled quite as foul as the air in the detention room. The 5th level of Hell was probably a detention room--- hot, stuffy, and unpleasant.
Gentry sat beside him, unable to explain their behavior to Ms.Nasty as ‘testing to see if the bathroom door was properly fixed.’
Zach was mildly pleased, in his own sick way. Ms.Nasty had never looked more furious.
Zach wasn’t sure how having sex in a bathroom stall ‘undermined ‘the very fabric of this institution,’ but Gentry kept nodding and saying he understood… but that Ms.Nasty was mistaken, the janitor was mistaken, and the bathroom floor itself was only circumstantial evidence.
There was more shit in this room than in all the bathroom stalls combined.
Ms.Nasty had left in a huff, angrily clicking the door shut after threatening Zach,”Don’t blame me if a few years down the road your parents come crying to me that you didn’t make it to college!”
Now the room was blissfully silent again. Gentry leaned back in his chair, eyes glistening with thought.
“I get why you like exhibitionism.” Zach murmured,”It’s the opposite of what you do everyday. How are you going to write us out of this one, genius?”
“I don’t know.” Gentry admitted,”I didn’t plan that we’d get caught.”
“No shit.”
“Stop whining, you were into it too.”
It was true. Zach rested his head on the table with a hot flush of annoyance.
Few things were more embarrassing than sporting a hard-on in the detention room. Never in the world had Zach wished more that he was a girl, since no one could tell what a girl was thinking by looking at her pants. The men in the office all held back sniggers; probably they had been in a similar situation. During the ‘walk of shame’ to the detention room, one had suggested Zach be allowed to go to the bathroom in order to ‘finish up.’ Ms.Nasty shot him a glare and explained that ‘he broke the stall. Again.”
Zach heaved a sigh and raised his hooded head to look in Gentry’s direction, noticing the redhead was playing with Ms.Nasty’s special pen, turning it over in his fingers.
Zach snatched it away irritably,”Don’t you care about any of this?”
“I’m a Senior. I already got into Princeton on a swim scholarship.”
Zach’s mouth dropped,”You--- Princeton?”
“Yes, me, Princeton.”
Zach slouched back down,”Oddly enough, I can picture that. They don’t call it the ‘princeton rub’ for nothing.”
Gentry laughed, and Zach had every intention to impale that smug redhead with the pen.
“This isn’t funny, Gentry.”
”I’ll think of something.” Gentry swiped back the pen.
Zach eyed him warily,”What’s so great about that pen?”

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