Saturday, April 21, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 31

Zach sat on the bleachers, anxiously waiting for Gentry. The bleachers were the only place in the school where anything could be discussed safely. People usually went to the bleachers to smoke pot or make out, and were not interesting in each others’ business.
Zach stooped forward and pushed his fingers together in a prayer-like position. School had ended exactly ten minutes ago, where the hell was Gentry? How could he shrug off the accusation so easily?
When the redhead finally showed, Zach wasted no time probing him for details of the bathroom fiasco.
Gentry tiredly went over it, uninterested in discussing the details of why the incident was not on his record. When the truth was out, Zach almost fell back in his seat.
“So basically you got caught with your pants down, fucking in a bathroom stall, and it’s all because you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?”
“Officially we never fucked and there may or may not have been a stall, seeing as a stall by definition has a door.”
“That’s freaking ridiculous.”
“My dad is a lawyer.”
Zach felt like laughing manically.
“Ms.Nasty didn’t let him speak for you, but since the sex never happened, your so-called offense was graded down to ‘inappropriate behavior.’ She will probably call in your parents, so just go with the story that we got into a fight because of my OCD.”
Zach nodded, taking it all in and spitting out,“Gentry, don’t you see what a joke this is?”
“Who doesn’t? And keep your voice down. The sex never happened.”
“Tell that to my ass.” Zach paused, hesitantly,”Did you at least throw away Ms.Nasty’s pen afterwards?”
A sly smirk spread over Gentry’s lips,“No. I gave it back to her.”

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