Monday, April 2, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 27

I'm preoccupied. Is this over the top? Yes. But I was never less sorry.

Gentry entered the stall as if it were a yacht.
“Not bad. Blue walls. Spacious enough for seven people.” He paused before a graffiti tag on the wall,“One-of-a-kind art.”
Zach closed the door behind him,“Don’t mock me.”
Gentry’s lips brushed against his,“I’m not here to mock you. Everyone else does that already.”
“I damn well know why you’re here.” Zach arched his neck to allow Gentry more access to the soft dark skin,“And… they mock me for being different, I mock them for being the same.”
“Yeah, but their army is bigger than yours.”
“Bigger isn’t better.”
A smirk flashed,“It depends.”
“Is that all you think about?”
Gentry smirked, kissing Zach only to feel him hesitate.
“Why should I waste my time thinking about idiots?” he licked the tender skin between Zach’s neck and shoulder,“When there are better things to think about?”
Zach grimaced,“Like Ms.Nasty bitching at us again?”
Gentry ignored him, sliding his hands under Zach’s sweatshirt and caressing the soft, dark skin it hid.
“We’re still in public, does that mean anything? I’m starting to think you’re an exhibitionist.”
“About time.” Gentry murmured, nibbling at his earlobe, “If… Ms.Nasty followed us here… she would only see two boys fucking. The only reason she gives a fuck is that she isn’t getting any.”
Zach made a soft sound as Gentry’s tongue flicked into the inner shell.
The conversation was lost in a tangle of tongues and limbs.
It was easy to give into feeling… almost too easy. Perhaps a girl would have considered herself taken advantage of, but Zach was not a girl. And how could something that felt so good be any sort of taking? If at all, it was giving…
“Gentry… crap…stop teasing…”
“Your ass can wait.” Gentry murmured, undoing Zach’s pants.
“Why do you have to tease me?”
“Because you make the sexiest sounds when I do.”
The lunch bell that sounded in the distance marked the end of lunch, but the slightly awkward yet heated actions continued in the stall. Gentry gave a muffled laugh as his back hit the stall door, Zach taking the lead.
It didn’t last long, however, since the stall door broke and its unfortunate inhabitants tumbled out unceremoniously.
The janitor stood there wide-eyed, dropping his mop to the floor with a startled gasp.


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ahahaa.... thats great.

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oh wow.........that must be awkward. lol