Friday, March 30, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 26

Two boys, one bathroom stall. What is this plot coming to?! I promise, there's a point in all this ^_^!

With a sigh Zach let his shoulders droop forwards. Hiding in a bathroom stall was perfectly ridiculous, what had he been thinking? That he could become invisible?
Gentry leaned his back against the stall door,“Why do you spend your entire lunch in the there? Can’t you think of a better place than a place that’s literally full of shit?”
“Are you saying that your lunch table isn’t?” Zach bit his lip then continued,“Why do you spend your lunch with morons?”
“Don’t call my friends morons.”
“With friends like that you don’t need enemies.”
“So it’s better to spend lunch hiding in a stall?”
“At least I’m not hiding what I think.” Zach scoffed,“And it’s obvious that you think they’re morons. You don’t say it but you show it. They’re the only ones who don’t get it. That’s what makes them morons.”
“Do you ever shut up?” Gentry murmured,“You talk all the time. Even when people don’t want to hear something, you just go on and talk anyway.”
The room was silent for a while. Gentry was about to leave when Zach said.
“What’s wrong with that? Silence is like a blank spot on the wall. It needs to be filled with something.”
“Yeah, well you’re doing verbal grafitti.”
Zach couldn’t help but laugh, a quiet sound that soothed Gentry’s senses and softened his eyes.
“Can I come inside?” he asked.
“What about your friends?”
“What about them? I feel like being with you.”
Zach shook his head and smirked,“You’re weird, Gentry.”
“I’m not the one hiding in a bathroom stall.”
The door clicked open.

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roxy!! i love this sooo much!!
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