Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 10

The latest part ^_^!

“The Incident” faded away into the murmur of rumor. Many dismissed it the moment they met Zach.
“He’s really ugly for a gay guy. And really mean.”
“Oh my God, yeah. I asked him what he thought of my shoes and he told me he didn’t care!”
“He doesn’t act gay either. I mean, Gentry is hot, and it’s kind of hot if he would make out with boys. So I’m cool with that … but Zach… I’m telling you, I just don’t believe the rumor. He’s not fabulous enough to be gay.”
“He looks like my little brother.”
The girls laughed boisterously, but fell silent the moment Zach passed. He was wearing his usual heavy, reaper-like layers of black clothing and black, thick-rimmed glasses. He opened his locker, oblivious to the girls’ presence until one spoke up:
“Zach! Is it true you’re gay?”
Zach glared at her and said,”Is it true you were dropped on your head as a child?”
“Oh my GOD Zach you are SO mean!”
“Then go away.” Zach retorted.
The other girl, Stephie, spoke up,”Are you with Gentry?”
“Ask him.” Was Zach’s cool response, as she closed his locker and started to walk away.
The girls continued to whisper amongst themselves.
“Do you think he takes Gentry’s thing up the you know what?”

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