Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 2

Yatta! And here's the next installment ^_^! Squee I love these comments! Yes, I got a bit carried away with romance this time... but I swear, there's a legit reason for it! Kinda. Sorta. Not really ^-^:

Zach fled to the bathroom with a fast-paced walk, head held high but eyes averted so that no one would try to talk to him. No one ever did, but Zach didn't want it to appear as if he wanted anyone to talk to him. It wasn't a rejection if he didn't want to talk to the people who didn't want to talk to him. No... that was a mutal rejection. Hah!
Gentry watched this odd daily ritual, halfway listening to his lunch group, the members of the swim team. To be honest, he had only vaguely memorized their names, but that didn't matter since now that he was the Swim Team Captain, they typically greeted him first. Gentry rarely listened to what they were saying. Only occasionally, he would repeat back what they said and add on "really" or "cool." If he wanted to seem immersed, he would ask back what they said in a question form, or say something like "wow."
"Did you see the tits on that freshman?" Mike, one of the more recognizable swim team members, sniggered.
Gentry didn't even bother to look at him,"Did I see the *** on that freshman? Really."
"Hell yeah they are HUGE."
"Really." Gentry murmured, picking at his food.
"I hella want to date her."
"You want to date her? Cool." Gentry rested his head on one hand, wondering if the cafeteria food was more dangerous than smoking. He hoped it was, so his lunch group would die before they were old enough to vote.
"Look at Gentry, he hella doesn't want to be here, haha."
Gentry gave a peeved little smile. He didn't have to be gay to be annoyed at this conversation.
Mike guffawed at the redhead's expression, and Gentry politely excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Zach washed his hands in the sink, wondering if there was a way to poison the school through the water system. He had nowhere to sit during lunch, so he spent it in the restroom. That way, he also wouldn't have to sit alone at the lunch tables. America was great, since the restrooms were respected as a private area. In Estonia, someone would always peek inside. They would ask him,"Why are you eating in the toilet stall? Why are you in there so long?"
God Bless America, where there was enough privacy to be miserable in peace.
The sound of familiar footsteps and the opening of the door made his shoulders tense and eyes gaze up. Gentry just stared at him at first, and Zach returned the look with a mean face.
“Take a picture, it lasts longer.”
"So you just come in here to eat?" asked Gentry, unable to hide a little smile.
"No, I come in here to jack off to you and the mongloids you sit with." was the sarchastic reply.
“You would be hotter if you didn’t act like such a dick.” Stated Gentry, starting to wash his hands, scrubbing them until they turned as red as his hair.
“But you like dicks.” Zach stated, leaning onto the sink,"I mean, you fuck with one.”
Gentry peered up,”Stop it." he turned off the water, meticulously drying his hands,"I'm not in the mood for your attitude today."
Zach watched him with mild interest,“You never are. But, that isn't new. No one likes me, why should you be different. Why are you washing your hands? You didn’t even touch anything.”
“How do you know what I use my hands for?” Gentry gave a smirk at Zach, who snorted as he took off his glasses. He began splashing his dry face wet with water, then messily finger combed his hair.
“What happened to the cute freshman I knew?”
Zach looked up,”What?”
Gentry sighed, shook his head, and approached Zach. He smoothed down that coarse black hair and brushed it from Zach’s face.
Zach averted his eyes, and Gentry placed a featherlight kiss on his lips. He felt Zach shake slightly in response. But, he wouldn't allow himself to just lay back and be seduced. Zach was still a boy, and he had his pride. Zach pushed back against the Senior's mouth.
"You're too rough." Gentry broke the kiss, gently nibbling on Zach's lower lip,"Let me show you how it's done." he flicked his tongue over Zach's mouth, and pushed his tongue inside Zach's mouth. Zach tensed. He couldn't stand this slow, methodical teasing. He ground his mouth into the kiss, and was disgruntled when Gentry pulled away, cupping the sophomore's face with his hands.
"Hold still." ordered Gentry,"You kiss with your mouth and your tongue, not with your forehead."
Zach grumbled a complaint, but shut up once Gentry kissed him again. He mentally cursed Gentry for being a good kisser, for being so good-looking, and for being so smug.
”You won’t find a group, will you?” asked Gentry, pulling away.
Zach was stirred from his thoughts,“... A group?”
“In lit class. For the Romeo & Juliet assignment.” Gentry was amused that a little kiss could still leave Zach flushed.
“I don’t care about that.” Zach averted his eyes,”I’m just going to work alone.”
Gentry reguarded him coolly,”You don’t have to.”
“I want to.”
“Suit yourself.”
Zach did not find a partner. He had asked everyone, until his good mood vanished and his eyes darkened. Some days he felt as if the fates were conspiring against him, and that everything was going wrong. He felt as if every day he went to school, he lost a little part of himself. And everyday, he became more and more reclusive. Today was just one of those days where he wanted to get in the front of the class, jump on a desk, and scream.
Instead, he just sighed.
The project wasn’t that hard, Zach told himself. All he had to do was film a “thematic video that shows the themes and plot action of Romeo and Juliet and explains their significance to the work as a whole.”
He slammed his head against the desk. The more time he spent in lit class, the more he concluded it was a class to make the English language as confusing as possible. Who was he kidding? He needed a group.
He was not lazy! Why didn’t anyone want him? He boasted he could do anything: memorize lines, learn to use the video equipment, anything just to not have to do everything himself.
“Well, Zach… every other group already has five people, because four people dropped out last week.” The teacher stroked his own beard as he talked,”I could put you in Kylie’s group. I’ll have to grade you a bit harder…” he gave a leering smile at Zach,”Unless… you want to do it yourself?”
This wasn’t a choice, Zach theorized. If he worked with Kylie, the whole group would resent him for “rigging the grading scale.” He didn’t care for Kylie, but he knew she was known to be good at literature. Zach also knew if he ruined her assignment due to his dismal literature skills, he would become so hated that he would never find a group again for the rest of his high school existence.
“No it’s fine, I’ll do it myself.”
The teacher blinked in surprise,”Well then! Are you sure you can handle it?”
The teacher gave a slow nod,”All right. Get started.”

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