Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 1: Part 1

This is a story based off notes I took on high school. It's a gay love story between two boys. I don't want to offend anyone, I just think gender equality will advance the plot by eliminating the sexism found in so many romance stories. This story has some raciness, and the plot will get deeper in the next installments:

The deep blue water glistened under the sultry glare of the afternoon sun. His bare feet were at the edge of the pool, and his sun kissed skin shone with a thin sheen of sweat. He was only a freshman, but well built and handsome, with glossy black hair and bright blue eyes. Gentry wanted him the moment he saw him, the moment those blue eyes narrowed and that smile flashed.
Gentry had seen him before. By comparison, he was pale and lightly freckled, with long limbs and a good, sturdy body. He had dusty red hair and sullen brown eyes, with pale, swollen lips that faded into a rosy hue towards the lipline. He was handsome, and he acknowledged it tiredly. However, if one thing moved out of its place, it could ruin his day, month, or even year. He meandered through the high school crowds at the speed that came with being an upperclassman, carefully avoiding the cracks between the narrow floor tiles. He growled in annoyance when he was almost tripped onto a crevice by an awkward, hooded figure covered in heavy layers of clothes and large, gleaming glasses.
“Sorry!” Came the figure’s quiet voice, apologizing more out of habit than consideration.
Gentry mutely moved to go on, but a sleeved hand grasped his arm,”Wait! Where's room 401?”
“I have to get to class. Move.”
“I asked everyone.” The hooded figure seemed desperate,”They keep giving me wrong directions.”
“What are you, a freshman?” Gentry asked skeptically.
It looked a little tall to be a freshman, yet it answered with a resolute nod.
“I’ll show you.” Gentry started to walk, and the It, as Gentry had now mentally nicknamed it, eagerly kept pace.
“Thanks… Everyone here thinks I’m stupid. I was assigned a “buddy” to show me around, but I lost her. I think she was trying to lose me. See, I’m a transfer student. From Estonia… I'm here for the freshman swim team.”
“You shouldn’t have transferred. Freshmen swim is a joke here.”
“Well, I’m different. I won’t be a joke.” Came the cocky reply.
“Of course.” Gentry murmured, swerving over a crevice to avoid stepping onto the large cement tile where the trash can stood. Few things bothered him more than that tile.
The It watched this ritual with carefully concealed amusement, before raising its quiet voice to ask,” What’s your name?”
“Gentry.” Replied the redhead, briskly stopping in front of the door to room 401.
The shrouded figure grinned, “Zach.”

Some people were pleasantly talkative. Gentry concluded Zach was not one of them.
“…Personally, I don’t really mind math, I just don’t like literature.”
Gentry wondered why he, of all people, had the dubious honor of sitting next to this boring, talkative geek in math class, of all dislikable classes.
“Like okay I wanted to take a higher math class but they didn’t let me, so now I’m stuck here." Zach drawled,"It sort of sucks but I guess it’s all right, I can deal with Algebra II. Though I really wanted Calculus.” Gentry noted Zach sneered when he talked. It was either a sneer or a purr, with small exclamations every so often. He tapped his pen, keeping in rhythm, with Zach’s fast voice.
“… I really miss Estonia, though, at least I knew people there.”
“I’ll bet.”
“But yeah I just hope people don’t think I’m a geek or anything.”
“Then don’t talk so much. People here don’t like it.”
“You weren’t saying anything.” countered Zach defensively,"And who says people like you being quiet all the time? I only started talking to you cause you seemed bored with yourself!"
Gentry glanced at Zach’s table, noting he had finished all his homework in class. Gentry hadn’t even started the first task.
He neatly put his unfinished paper into his binder, shaking his head, and sighed as the lunch bell rang. Zach noisily threw his books into his backpack and walked alongside Gentry without asking.
“… My parents used to worry I wouldn't talk, I was in therapy for weeks because they thought it was a sign of trauma...”
A part of Gentry pitied Zach: someone who was so lonely he would talk to anyone remotely conscious. But on the other hand, he didn’t seem desperate. In fact, he was self-assured to the point of cockiness and rudeness. Gentry wanted to bring the insolent boy to his knees.

The water was a strong shade of blue, glistening under the harsh glare of the sun. Those equally blue eyes shone slightly, and the tanned boy gave a small smile to the redhead. The pool was just starting to fill with swimmers, and as always, the freshman team was slacking off instead of practicing. They had all four years of high school to get their act together, and had no interest in wasting their freshman year working. Zach stood apart from the other boys, peering down into the water's murky depths before he sensed Gentry's presence beside him. They exchanged wordless smiles, then stood silently beside each other. A pale, cold hand took Zach’s, and warmth crept into the freshman’s face.
"Come on."
Zach's blood ran cold as Gentry started to pull him towards the boys' locker room. Some of the other boys looked at him, pretending they didn’t see or whispering peevishly to each other. But he surveyed them coolly, and gave a little smirk as he followed Gentry.

Gentry was surprised when Zach thrust him to the smooth, blue tile wall the moment they entered the locker room. Zach pinned the redhead's arms over his head, and started to kiss him, pushing his tongue inside Gentry’s mouth. It tasted salty, yet sweet, and unlike anything he had expected. Gentry's shoulders tensed, before he let himself melt into the kiss. Zach was a good kisser, it almost seemed as if he had done this before...
Zach let go of one of Gentry's wrists and slid his hand down Gentry's back. Gentry stiffened suddenly, and broke away from the kiss,"Hey... what are you doing?"
Zach smirked, softly sucking on Gentry's neck,"What do you think?" he teased.
Gentry tensed,"Stop."
"I don't want to." Zach reluctantly pulled away, only to have Gentry push him aside.
"It's not your place." Sneered the redhead,"I don't like getting fingered. If you want to f--k me, then you do what I want."
"And that is?" Zach asked, attempting to ignore his body.
Gentry just gave a smug smile, and pinned Zach to the wall,"You know where you belong, and that's under me."
Zach glared,"Bite me."
"I want to see you get yourself off." Gentry stated, motioning to one of the large wooden benches lining the lockers,"If it's beneath your dignity, then I'm going. You can stay hard throughout swim practice for all I care." with that, Gentry moved away from Zach. To his surprise, Zach moved straight to the bench, and pulled down his black swimshorts.

Gentry eyed the note on his desk.
There, in large, scribbled handwriting was written,"Want to meet after school?"
Gentry looked at Zach, who sat next to him scribbling away at an assignment. Gentry sighed, shook his head, and wrote back a neat, perfectly spaced,"No."
Zach eyed the note with a frown and wrote back,"Why?"
Gentry squinted to read what Zach wrote, and wrote back,"Don't want to."
The lunch bell rang, and Zach automatically followed Gentry, into the Cafeteria.
"Don't you have somewhere to be?" asked Gentry.
Zach shook his head,"No. I'm ditching my Christian Club meeting because everyone hates me there."
Gentry raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. It wasn’t just the Christian club; it seemed no one really liked Zach.
There was a boy named Carly on the swim team. He was a tall, dark-haired Senior with a cut body and glinting black eyes. He was not just fit, he was buff, with a body to kill, and the undisputed Swim Team Champion and team leader. Carly looked up from the unofficial Senior Swim Club lunch table, surrounded by other boys who chuckled softly when they saw Zach.
As Gentry reached the table, Carly spoke up.
"Zach, what are you doing following Gentry around? Are you lost again?"
The table chuckled.
"I'm not lost, but you should be."
Carly cast a disdainful look to Gentry,"Will you tell him or do I have to?"
Without waiting for Gentry's reply, Carly sneered,"This is the seniors-only lunch table. Go sit with the freshmen."
"It's not marked, everyone can sit wherever they want." Zach pointed out,"Besides, Gentry's my friend."
"You are still a freshman." Gentry spoke up,"You aren't any better than the others."
Zach’s eyes widened in outrage,"But we're friends, you're only two years older than me!"
Gentry's gaze was unrelenting as he ordered,"Go eat with the others."
Zach's lips drew into a thin line,"I wouldn't want to eat with you assholes anyway." and he left to the end of the cafeteria, to the one empty table.
He did what he could to hide it, but the rejection was hard to hide. Gentry watched him, as Carly's words turned into a dull buzz.

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