Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 7

This part is a little over-the-top. But I couldn't resist, because the story was getting boring. Consider this a very strong coffee:

Zach had the unkind habit of saluting his gym coach. No one knew why he did it, but everyone knew it annoyed the very manly Ms.Copper. As the students lined into a row, hands at their sides, Copper walked by them and checked their names off from her clipboard.
“Taylor, Zach.”
Zach’s had his hand to his forehead and his blue eyes wide open in a perfect military salute, blankly staring ahead.
“Sir, yes sir!”
Ms.Copper gave him a discontented look,”Don’t get smart with me.”
“I can’t get smart, I already am. Sir!”
“Don’t call me sir.” She walked past him with grumbling annoyance. Gentry followed her and gave Zach a quizzical expression. Zach stuck his tongue out at him and Gentry mercilessly pushed him into the water, gym uniform and all. The class tittered as Zach pulled himself to the poolside, resting his arms on the tile ledge. Gentry gave a laugh, only to be hit by a spray of water. His eyes narrowed dangerously, and he kicked at the water. Zach dodged this attack, and instead took hold of Gentry’s leg, pulling him inside headfirst.
“Gentry Lee Johnson and Zach Tyler!” reprimanded Ms.Copper, spinning around.
To her surprise, she only saw Zach.
“What do you make of this?”
“… I’m sorry?”
Zach kicked at the water in annoyance, trying to pull away. Gentry had his hands firmly planted on the boy’s hips.
“Where is Gentry?” demanded Ms.Copper.
“Uhm… he’s… mmm…” Zach panted,”he’s under the water…”
“Are you two…” Ms.Copper paled as the realization dawned on her.
“Ahh, YES! Um… no, not at all...” Zach flushed.
The class was not sure what was happening, murmuring amongst themselves.
Zach’s lips parted in a muted shout as Ms.Copper demanded,”Gentry, show yourself this instant!“
Gentry surfaced, staring unapologetically at the woman.
“This is unacceptable! Do you realize that?” demanded Ms.Copper.
“Yes.” Gentry licked his lips,”I’m going to go to the office.” He got out of the water, and Zach yelled,”Wait!”
“No, it’s best that you two are separated.” Growled Ms.Cooper, as Gentry hastily made his escape.
“But… He has my pants!”

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